7 responses to “Uniblue Registry Booster 2009 – Review and Benchmark”

  1. Jonny

    I always use registry cleaners but I’m not sure why after I read this forum post on Auhma which has some excellent points:


    They seem to dispute the claim that cleaners can have any effect on speed.

    I still get a warm fuzzy feeling however when things are cleaned up or removed from my computer. ­čÖé

    Great article by the way!
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  2. Jonny

    I had a problem with autorun in vista that I googled forever and a day but couldn’t fix. I downloaded a few programs to fix this specifically too. No luck. I then downloaded comodo registry cleaner. Fixed.
    I had already been using eusing registry cleaner as well as using glary utilities one click but comodo fixed it. Weird. Giving uniblue a try now.
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  3. Steven Avery

    Hi Folks,

    Pallab .. about the WhattheTech disaster .. did you notice that he had become a Uniblue affiliate ? Thus, by ignoring the truth of what he himself had shared … WhattheTech could now make some extra $$$. Look at the comments, and see how many systems get trashed and hosed when these self-serving net Techies like WhattheTech (not the only one) make excuses for shilling for dangerous sham and scam software for $$.

    We discuss this type of nonsense on Web of Trust (WOT) occasionally. Also on DonationCoder

    Steven Avery

  4. Gerald@CleanersRegistry

    It’s really interesting although confusing to see the different opinions from the techies about registry cleaners. Of course, there are a bunch of them on the market so the likelihood that some are junk and that some really do the job as advertised are pretty good.

    You make a convincing case for Uniblue Registry Booster doing what it is supposed to do, helping the computer to run faster and cleaner without causing problems. Your screenshots add a lot to your presentation. Well done.
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  5. Nadine

    The moment you will notice your computer is slowing down, freezing and possibly crashing, then your registry system has errors, and therefore applications and windows booting will start to slow down. To simplify things, think of your registry system as a library with books, on different shelves with different categories, every customer that walks in they grab a book read it, then placed it in the wrong shelf and different category, therefore windows takes twice as long and twice as hard to find the index file of the application and this causes your computer to load slower and applications to either halt or start very slow. So having your Registry System optimized at all time is very crucial, and with the correct application your computer speed and performance will be re-stored again.

    thank you

  6. jolin

    No matter your windows system is XP or Vista, the easiest way to speed up your PC is have a tuneup360 in it; you can try the software “tuneup360”. My friends and I all use it, it’s seems really useful.