4 responses to “Video Codec Will Not Be Standardised In HTML 5”

  1. Eric Shepherd

    That’s not an accurate interpretation of what’s happened. The video and audio tags are both still part of the HTML 5 draft specification. What’s actually happened is that the spec will not specify any codecs that must be supported; instead, it’s up to each individual browser developer to decide what codecs to support.

  2. Navjot Singh

    Your Post title is still ambigous. At first I thought, OMG such a big development! Howcome I didn’t found it out? Well this can create a lot of confusion amongst browsers. Well I have not come across any normal video in Ogg Theora format, so acceptance of it by common users may take time unless its enforced upon us. BTW MS decision won’t be binding or final since by the time they take a stand or come out with a browser with the video tag support, Share of IE will be highly distributed amongs diff versions and that new version may not gain enough market share to make that specific codec the standard. Other browsers will continue a major role in deciding which format would the users would go with?

    And then who cares for standards anyway? Major browsers still don’t care.
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