5 responses to “Tiny Utilities : Small is Good – I”

  1. Aseem N

    Whoa! Nice useful softwares… Esp the Unlocker one.. I am gonna try it right away! Always needed smthing like that!

  2. Techie Buzz

    I am gonna try out unlocker as I have faced “this file is in use” problem quite a lot of times.

  3. TheAnand

    If you are looking for unlocker software, I can recommend a software called WhoLockMe, its a awsome program or a registry entry i think, not very sure about that. I use it myself, it adds a link to the right click “Who Lock Me?” which tells you which process is using it…three cheers for MS for creating buggy OSes so that others can make software and sell them!!!! hehe…

  4. Great Zork

    These are mighty mighty useful utilities. I am thankful to you for sharing these.