8 responses to “Review : FrontMotion Login”

  1. Mohammed

    A good piece of software, but not something I will be using in the near future atleast.

    Please get a new theme, this one with so many title popups feels intusive and feels hard to read

    Also ur captcha system is dumb. Actually I hate all types of captcha’s 😛

  2. anuj

    You’ve forgotten to write about the uninstallation. As often is seen with most of the skinning and theming softwares, their uninstallation is the most troublesome area.

  3. Aseem N

    Nice piece of software. But not of much use to me. Anyways I dont see the hebetudinous windows logon screen for more than fraction of a second… Lol!

  4. jgd

    It was developed by a couple of kids in Germany.
    It almost works….The Website looks abandoned.
    Guess they have A.D.D. or something.

  5. jgd

    Hate to be mean but if they did a bit more homework
    it could’ve become a better product and perhaps a real
    Community of Developer’s and End Users would’ve formed
    around it. Give up the ghost already and release it Open Source. I know the first thing I’d do with it.
    Remember Flash is Cross Platform.

  6. aref

    tanks allot