9 responses to “Lost : Looking back at this season”

  1. Sourabh

    If i look back at lost now and type the first thoughts that come up,

    Fav. lines: Charlie – Guys, Where are weeeeee?
    Desmond – I crashed your plane, Bruuttha

    Fav. Scene: S2E1 intro. ‘Make your own kinda music’

    Fav. Moment: When we come to know there are two islands. That thought never came to my mind.

    Fav. Character – Locke and Sawyer

  2. Harsh J

    Whoopie! Lost Pwns, thanks to Sourabh for making me confused about what he used to talk about earlier 😛

    The twists they make blow my mind off each time. But I didnt really wish Eko die so soon.

  3. Sourabh

    Thank You. Thank you. You took the pains to download it too. Thank BSNL Dataone. Thank your State Electricity boards.

  4. Harsh J

    But the question still remains to Sourabh, ‘What is lost?’

    Wtf, complicated math 🙁

  5. Goobimama

    I’ve lost it for Lost. They have no idea what they’re doing. Anyway, I got the six episodes of season 3 in High Definition (720p)….looks amazing.

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