4 responses to “Opera Users Are Most Likely to be Running Old Versions”

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  2. Srikanth

    well, i use opera 9.20…its the latest right???

    anyway, can we exchange links???

    my blog is on Science and Technology : http://science-core.jaywebdesigns.com/

    if you link to me, then just leave a comment…and i’ll link back to you within one day!!!


  3. ResearchWizard

    I think there could be a statistical misinterpretation. Secunia Software Inspector finds any tested application regardless it is used or not. The probability that someone has Opera installed but is not using it (what is a shame of course) is bigger than zero. But sure there is no need to update an unused application.
    In my small personal experience installing Opera to some privat systems but leaving the choice to the user this users mostly use Firefox or even IE (as they don’t have high demand or just use what they are used to at work). This would be an explanation of the odd number of the old Opera installations.

    Another maybe statistical relevant question: which users install Secunia Software Inspector at all?

    Furthermore I dare to say that the comparison is quite unfair towards Opera if concluding Opera users are surfing insecurly. Even with an old and unpatched version Opera is still more secure than IE with lot’s of not even fixed vulnerabilities which are futhermore much more exposed to be exploited. In short: an unpatched Opera is more secure than IE with all available patches applied.