7 responses to “My Desktop – June 2007”

  1. TheAnand

    your desktop always amazes me…..i tried using a few of those softwares but then switched to the best – Windows Classic Theme to get some more performance….

  2. Manas

    WindowBlinds is good but eats up a lot of resources … 🙁

    So I always stick to using unsigned msstyles. 🙂

  3. Techie Buzz

    I loved the desktop wallpaper and am using it now :-).

  4. Rohit

    Nice looking desktop but the wallpaper is a bit too busy for me. I’ve tried Windowsblinds but it’s really resource hungry! And have you ever tried BBlean ? Take a look at some of my desktops – Except for one of them the rest are made using BBlean.

  5. Nirmal

    Previously I was also using WindowBlinds with Icon packager and few other desktop enhancements, but this consumes a lot of memory.