12 responses to “Yahoo doing a Gmail:Team Opera Wake up !”

  1. Daniel Goldman

    Opera does support non-standard features as well.

    Where did you get the information that the new yahoo mail won’t be supported by the Opera browser?

  2. Nizam Sabri

    Yeah from where u got this new of new Yahoo

  3. Pallab

    Yes Opera does support non-standard features,but it is not up to the mark.And that is where Opera is loosing out to Firefox.I pointed out Gmail as an example.

    As far as Yahoo mail is concerned @Daniel :I myself dont have an account,but I asked someone who does.He said that it gives you a page complaining browser not supported when you use Opera to access the beta and offers you to use the old interface or log out.

    Nizam: Check the Zdnet and Softpedia links i provided.

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    (oh, and Opera kicks a$$)

  5. Pallab

    Hi Andrew,
    Please feel free to include or link to any of my posts.

  6. Asim

    hi pallab

    yaar i think u shd use firefox. im also using the same ;)……

  7. Pallab

    Asim I respect your choice.However I do have some very good reasons for using Opera.

  8. Hallvord

    We’re working on it 🙂
    I can’t wait to test the new Yahoo mail. I don’t expect any disastrous incompatibilities from them.

    Regarding rich text, it is a big feature and hard to implement. Think about it for a second, for years and years we have basically rendered documents according to formatting instructions that come down the wire. All of a sudden we’re supposed to turn around and create those formatting instructions – whoa, how do we make an editor? But it is coming along nicely. Current incompatibility worries will be history eventually, and we’ll probably have lots of other things to worry about..

  9. Not Just Another Blog » Blog Archive » Opera Bytes

    […] ii) Opera attempts to patch Yahoo mail beta : Last year I had blogged about the new Yahoo Mail beta not supporting Opera ( link ). Opera dev Hallvord had then left a comment stating Opera soft will be working on it. He has kept his promise. Today or so (in Hallvord’s words) OddPatch 0.1 Beta will be launched. It will attempt to fix the flaws in Yahoo mail’s scripting through Opera’s browser.js . He writes in his blog : It’s a complex patch sorting out a daunting number of issues on both sides. When things get this complex, it’s rarely only “their fault” or “our fault” – the testing has uncovered several bugs in Opera and several mistakes in their JavaScript […]

  10. Alan Smith

    I think you are a big supporter of opera. Yes your topic says truth, now it is a wake up time for opera 🙂

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  12. penna

    this yahoo and gmail article is good