17 responses to “Xunlei Thunder – Fast and Efficient Download Manager With BitTorrent Support”

  1. Avinash

    I had read about it on Torrent freak but couldn’t find a english edition. Need to test it before can coment about it as for most of us utorrent is still the lightest and fastest torrent client.
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  2. Ola

    Rumor of freeware spreads fast.
    I will wait until it been tested it.

  3. Ola

    What is the latest version?

    Xunlei / Thunder MOD Version 1.0.0 (written February 26th, 2009):
    seen in the picture above

    Xunlei – Translation Problems (written June 2nd, 2009):
    “Xunlei Thunder finally encrypt their sources. Disallowing me from editing the core files.
    Most probably I won’t be able to translate Xunlei Thunder anymore. So, it’s wise that ThunderMOD user not to update to the latest thunder if you or your computer cannot read chinese.
    This is no good…”

    …or from the same post comment:
    …”version looks nice.”

  4. tskiong

    how to download?

  5. David

    Good Program, but I use [Sharing Max]
    which actually helps me a lot while downloading stuff , it’s fast , easy to use ,
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  6. Das

    Pallab you ass that’s not en English version!

  7. Computer Tips Tricks

    Xunlei is one of the best tools to bypass ISP’s throttling. Even though it’s not english-supported but still it’s the best download tool for me.

  8. mamab mondal

    thanks browwwwwwwwwww………

  9. Donovan

    how to download Xunlei thunder download manager? Is it realy download very fast

  10. 1212/-/

    given my experiences as an emuler and torrenter, thunder clients are pretty much all leechers (I have yet to see one uploading or seeding); I dont know if this is because of the clients or because of the software but I would not recommend this software to anyone when theirs so many other open source and malware free bittorrent clients. i use linux and theirs more and more torrent applications for it each year, xunlei has no advantage over them, and will probably never be seen on linux, it is full of malware, closed source, only reason it appears to be popular is because of its massive chinese userbase (think baidu vs google)

  11. lucian13

    I mean there are like 5 billion Chinese so no wonder it’s the most popular client in the world, they’re probably made to use it by the government to spread their damn spyware and adware to all you suckers that would download and install something based on a few articles about how “fast” it is. 😀