29 responses to “Twenty Fabulous Windows 7 Themes [Visual Styles]”

  1. sourojit

    Thank you for the information. They are really cool themes. I will try each one.

    1. ceneestetigi

      AVG only detects a virus but I don’t think it can totally remove it. That’s my observation and it seems like its very heavy. Until I decided to uninstall it and Go for Antivir. Man, Antivir is really doing good. It totally removed the virus which AVG can’t.

  2. sourojit

    Before installing the theme I would like to ask that does these themes have any adverse effect on system performance?

  3. Animesh

    Alas! I don’t use 7. The Seven Aero Shine Blue theme looked wickedly cool.
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  4. Camper Trailers

    These are really very nice and cool themes. I will try these. thanks for this info.

  5. Shaunak De

    I don’t understand why MS does not allow themes signed by other providers? When others are so evidently doing a better job than them!
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  6. Jonny

    Never used any themes but will have to look into these. Can’t wait for my copy of Windows 7 now!
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  7. Rohit

    Really cool themes!
    thnkx for sharing ! =)

  8. Tim

    part of these themes are for Vista and not 7.

  9. Chris

    Good themes. instantfundas made another beautiful collection


  10. Cashis

    you can get even more great themes from:


    and pop in and say hi in our forums

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  13. Sajjad

    Can I use theme ThaImpact with Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit??

  14. Dan

    Hi Im looking for a cricket theme for windows 7. I would love to find a themepack with heaps of different cricket pictures of players from around the world and team and action photos. Is it possible to change the start icon to a cricket ball? that would be cool. Anyway i fear there is no such theme around at the moment so I was hoping you might be able to give me instructions on how to create my own theme in windows 7 Ultimate 64bit?

    Thanks in advance for any help


  15. Computer Tips Tricks

    Wow what a great list. thanks for sharing dude!

  16. SikiÅŸ

    Can I use theme ThaImpact with Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit??

  17. e-mail lookup

    WOW! These are really sweet themes for windows 7. Wish I could upgrade to Win 7 as soon as possible to enjoy them most!

  18. SikiÅŸ

    Thank you for the information. They are really cool themes. I will try each one.

  19. azmak

    This is a great site, and like you said as far as employment: nope… I found that out 😉

  20. used tires

    Some of these themes actually look pretty sweet! I am still on Windows XP for now but in 2011 I plan on making the move to Windows 7.


  21. Arshpreet

    More than half of visual styles are deleted

  22. sOliver

    Yes, it’s a bugger that many themes are already deleted. A lot of themes on deviantart regularly disappear. Great list anyway.

    I’ve compiled my own mega list of themes, which you can see here:

  23. Amit

    many of the links doesn’t work or fake

    1. Amit

      tell me how to download these themes

  24. purchase settlements

    Those are cool themes I have the Gorillaz theme and I don’t think it is available anymore.

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