72 responses to “Turbocharge Your System With TuneUp Utilities 2011: Review and Licenses Giveaway”

  1. Beta

    great article about a great product . Tune up tuilities is one of the best system optimization programs I used the 2010 edition and it was great and now this new 2011 really looks better and I hope I could win !

    1. RAJAN

      Plz send me product key of TuneUp Utility 2011 if you have.

  2. Rohit | Ipod Touch 4G

    Good Post…tuneup is a great system utility product….thanks for this giveaway contest….I have Re-tweeted your tweet https://twitter.com/rohitbatra14 and also Subscribed the mailing list…..

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    […] Utilities 2011 —-> Giveaway Hi, Giveaway page —-> ''Turbocharge Your System With TuneUp Utilities 2011: Review and Licenses Giveaway''. Thanks for this opportunity . TuneUp Software has graciously agreed to sponsor 2 licenses. […]

  5. Murphy

    Thanks for this Giveaway . Please count me in .

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    Best regards !

  6. Jlelono

    Thanks for giveaway opportunity. Please count me in. The new features of TuneUp 2011 looks great for PC maintenance. According to the rule:
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  7. Mike

    I have subscribed count me in on this offer .I would like to have TuneUp Utilities 2011 .Hope i win.Thanks

  8. vhick

    TuneUp Utilities has been proven optimized, repair and clean your PC with a click of a button. I notice a improvement in using TuneUp since version 2004. Now with its Program Deactivator, TuneUp Utilites become a superb software.


    Already a email subscriber.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. Mike M

    Please include me in this awsome giveaway as I am a big fan of TuneUp Utilities.

  10. Jakub

    I’m currently running tune-up utilities 2009 on my PC and I must say it really helps me out when I have performance issues also its incredibly ingenious 1-click maintenance helps me keep my PC running smoothly on a regular basis! I wan to win this lisence to upgrade my current version. My retweet http://twitter.com/Najts/status/29215961435 im Subscribe to newsletter.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. Cosme F

    Nice giveaway!. I have subscribed and retweeted: https://twitter.com/#!/emsocosme . Count me in =).

  12. Tito Robert

    I think Tun-up utililities the best utilities one of all software important to protect my computer

  13. Dave V

    Great product! Tune-Up Utilities is one of the best all-around utility products that I’ve come across. I’m currently running 2009; would love to win a license for Tune-Up Utilities 2011! Thank you for the opportunity!

  14. springname

    Tuneup utilities is the best utility, used it previous versions, and still want to have its 2011 version, so please include me:
    Subscribed to your newsletters
    Retweeted: https://twitter.com/#!/springname1985/status/29224938548

    Many Thanks

  15. rodney

    i have used the 2009 & 2010 TRIAL VERSIONS WORKS GREAT WOULD LOVE TO WIN A FREE license for the 2011 version first time on this site love tech sites!! view them every day here,s hoping i win this giveaway rodney thank you!!

  16. Gourav Kumar

    Tuneup utilities is one of the best utilities out there. I’ve always loved it. Have been using it since 2007. I especially love the drive defrag and one-click maintenance features, very helpful.

    I am hoping to get a license to its latest version now. The link to the retweet redirects to your page without taking to mine. So I am posting my twitter profile link: http://www.twitter.com/gouravkr
    retweeted on 30th October

  17. Dave

    I want it I took 2009 nine off that I still had a good serial # for and installed Iobit System Care Pro that I won somewhere. Not crazy about it though.

  18. Suzy

    Oh, man, I need this!

    TuneUp Program Deactivator

    I keep putting programs on my computer then not using them, and I know it is causing me trouble! And if this gets rid of some of the HP garbage that was loaded on my computer at birth, I need it even more!

  19. A. Perez

    Ive got the 2010 version but im hoping to win the 2011 to give to my sister. If there is anyone who needs this software its her!! She has my old computer and I think this program would help her with some of the problems she has had..Hope I can win it for her.

  20. Anthony George

    From what Ive read this is a great software so ill give it a shot and hope I win as I cant afford to buy it for now or the foreseable future…Got to save the money for other things…Darn it!

  21. ibheck

    TuneUp 2010 is the best software to treat the performance of your PC in order to stay awake and to function optimally, I’ve proved it and I think TuneUp 2011 will be even better


  22. Number99

    Ohh, how I would like to win a license for this one! It’s a great utility! 🙂

  23. Murugesan

    Tuneup Utilities is top class system optimization suite. The 2011 version is much better with program deactivator to shut down unnecessary applications. Its interface is also eye candy and easier to use. One click optimization is great!

    My twitter page: http://twitter.com/#!/smn_09

    I have also subscribed to your newsletter.

    Include me in this giveaway. Thanks.

  24. WLYKing

    Nice giveaway !
    TuneUp Utility always be the top 3 Utility softwares & hopefully this time can win the latest version to try.
    Please count me in for the contest.
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  25. kurtumi

    Thanks for nice Giveaway ,I think TuneupUtilities is best of great system utility product, please count me in.

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    Best Regards

  26. siddharth

    Tuneup utilities is the best utility software i have ever used.Its one click maintenance feature is awesome.Now it has new feature called program de activator which is simply the best feature for those who have a lot of software load on their computers like me.I really really want this product activation key.
    Hope i win one.
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    Thanks for this giveaway,

  27. GT

    thanking you for the giving away.
    i tweet here:
    https://twitter.com/GTGT1/status/29320886420 and also i retweet but not understanding how to show to you here

    I am using old 2009 version which i get free from a promo. many new things added to version 2011, which will help in keeping my PC in good condition. Please count me in.

    I also have email subscription.

    So i do comment, subscribe and retweet. Please count me in.

    Mr. G.T.

  28. ToGor

    I’m using version 2010 and it is sensational. Highly recommend. I want to check whether the version of 2011 is really better than 2010.
    Yours “ToGor”

  29. Kema

    Thanks for the TuneUp 2011 giveways.
    TuneUp Utility always be the No.1 utility & is so reliable to optimize the windows system in all extends.
    Please count me in for the contest.
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    Thanks & Regards

  30. John

    Wow! Great giveaway! I’m using TuneUp 2010, and I’d like to see what TuneUp 2011 has to offer.
    Three things I like about TuneUp Utilities:
    1. Registry Cleaner
    2. Registry Defrag
    3. TuneUp Styler
    Also I’ve subscribed to your newsletter…


  31. ToGor

    Note: I’m sorry. I do not have an account on “Twitter”.

  32. Jasmine

    TuneUp Utilities 2011 looks great! It should be able to help me clean up my system… it’s getting slower and slower everyday!

  33. dave

    Here is my post on my blog.
    Its an adult blog only 18 aloud.

    Note: Sorry, I can’t allow adult blogs.

  34. Jerry

    Thanking you for the giving away.
    i tweet here:

    I am using old 2009 version which i get free from a promo. many new things added to version 2011, which will help in keeping my PC in good condition. Please count me in.

    I also have email subscription!

    Ages thanks to the Admin!

  35. bck_merced

    Thanks, I would like to enter the drawing,

  36. aungzeya38

    Thank so much for Great offer .
    i already subscribed your e-letter .
    Here is my tweet : http://twitter.com/#!/aungzeya38/status/29474975036
    i would like to enter your giveaway. i really appreciate if i win one license.

  37. abdullah

    i am using tuneup utilities since 2006 now i want 2011 version tuneup is the software that repairs and speedup your pc
    do not have a account on twitter

  38. abdullah

    tuneup utilities is best software for repairing and speedup your pc
    do not have a account on twitter

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  40. john d

    I am already subscribed to the mailing list of Pallab dot Net.

    I’m not a tech savy person. quite simple and use my lappy for normal use. This would slow down my lappy to the extent that I have to take it to the computer shop for repair.

    I tried for free the Tune Up 2009 version from a german promotion and was quite immpressed. I was wondering if the computer shop person uses the same things and makes huge bucks..you know what.

    It is going to be very helpful if I could win the 2011 version. As I read your post above, I am very amazed and excited. Also I rated it as 5star!!

    john d

  41. Asriel

    I really Love this software because from the time it was appeared, it was awesowe..

    This is my status:

    Hope I can win This Great Software!!!

    THX, LJBU!

  42. seus_chaky

    small in size but huge in performence and it’s a good product ,,,

  43. Grr

    Pallab wish you a Happy Diwali.
    Thanks for this giveaway opportunity.
    I have used 2009 and using 2010 version. I loved using Turbo Mode in TuneUp 2010, and am please to see improvements for the same in 2011 version.

    The new feature of Program Deactivator is going to be a killer addition to TuneUp pack. This is something for which I had to install additional software apart from TuneUp. With the addition of Program Deactivator, it is going to be ONLY TuneUp for me..

    It would be great if I could win a license for this MUST tool.

    My tweet is here:

    Blog/forum post made by me to share this giveaway:

    Also I’m a subscriber using the same email as in my comment here.


  44. jimmy

    saya mau tanya,up date tuneup untilities 2011. kok saya gak dpt enter product key nya?
    mohon konfirmasi key nya.
    terima kasih

  45. Abhishek@techdistinct.com

    nice to know that new version of tune up utilities is now available.
    thank you pallab for the information.

  46. Mike M

    Please include me in this giveaway as I am using the 15 day trial about to expire

  47. Piotr

    The best program in its class. I’ve been using it since version 2009 (it was free). Then I bought the 2010 version and I would gladly use the Version 2011

  48. Norma

    Tuneup Utilities is great for keeping my computer running smoothly. Love the one-touch feature. I’m using 2009, but would love to win the latest version. I did “tweet” this but can’t figure out how to link it to this post. (probably why I don’t use Twitter very much). Also signed up for your newsletter.

  49. donpaul

    A multipurpose tool reveal all the needed function for an expert and other computer users.
    It ensure the security and enhance the speed of the system…………


  50. Ram


    Thanks for a nice, popular and powerful utility(TuneUp)..giveaway..
    The new OnDemand Technology….is very different technology….that no other utility….has…till now…
    I want to extract this new technology in v2011 by winning a license…

    Hoping to win a license…


  51. Ram

    Forgot to mention,
    PS:- 2. Subscribed to Pallab.net Newsletter..
    3. Re-Tweet status link,

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  53. jagdish

    tune up utilities is my favorite system tuner.I would like to receive free license of tune up utilities 2011

  54. kadinvesaglik

    I would like to enter the drawing, 😉

  55. p90x

    Great review, this program looks fantastic. I absolutely hate having to reinstall windows to get it running at peak performance again so this looks like what I need.

    – Robert

    1. Dodge Neon SRT4

      Yes, reinstalling windows is very bad.

  56. Dodge Neon SRT4

    Excellent Review. I love this Program. Thanks for Adding TuneUp Utilities As Well.

    1. Rick

      It will get rid of any junk files in your registry that you may have left over on your coptumer. Whenever you uninstall a program it may leave some junk files on your coptumer that are useless except you have the full program on your coptumer. So these files are left in limbo by themselves just taking up space. One of the facial appearance on this program is that it will help clean up and get rid of those type of files.

  57. catlakkremim

    Great review 😉

  58. sell textbooks

    This would be awesome to win. Good luck to all the contestants.

  59. çatlak kremi

    Excellent Review. 😉

    1. p90x

      I agree, this review made me what to check it out. Thank you.

      – Robert

  60. gogus buyutucun

    Excellent Review. I love this Program. 😉

  61. Yowan

    Absolutely useless on Windows 7 as it already includes special services to take care of that. Any MVP will tell us that Tune UP is useless

    Windows is a closed source system. Developers of tuneup utilities and registry cleaners do not have the core code of Win 7 and are not working on definitive information, but rather they are going on past knowledge and experience, most of which is not applicable to Win 7. Automatic cleaners will usually have to do some guesswork.

    There is almost no tweaking that can be done to Win 7 to speed it up. The system is designed to diagnose itself and take care of itself which it does remarkably well. Win 7 maintains itself and that includes the registry.

    Registry cleaners are pure snake oil. At best they do nothing except use resources. At worst, they can mess your system up, slowing it down, and even crash it. There is no utility out there anywhere that can speed Win 7 up and improve its performance, at least not at this time.

    Modifying registry keys incorrectly can cause Windows instability, or make Windows unbootable. No registry cleaner is completely safe and the potential is ever present to cause more problems than they claim to fix.

    Registry cleaners cannot distinguish between good and bad. If you run a registry cleaner, it will delete all those keys which are obsolete and sitting idle; but in reality, those keys may well be needed by some programs or windows at a later time.

    Windows 7 is much more efficient at managing the registry than previous Windows versions. Even if you use the CCleaner registry to delete keys left over when uninstalling programs, these few keys will not make 1 millisecond’s difference in performance. If you run CCleaner or any other registry cleaner and do not know precisely what you are doing, you will have problems down the road. There are no gains to be had from using a registry cleaner and the risk is great.

    Forget all the “wisdom” you learned about XP. Windows 7 is not XP and does not manage the registry the same as XP.

    This isn’t to say that the system does not need to be maintained. Uninstall programs that you don’t use, delete unneeded and unnecessary files. Defrag your hard drive. But don’t screw with the registry unless you are an in depth expert in the Win 7 registry.

    Most of the time, the cure is a clean install. Using a program such as Ccleaner is fine to get rid of old and unnecessary files. A tuneup utility is not only unneeded, it can actually harm your system. Don’t use them.

    1. Letheaqua

      Yowan;Thanks for a grain of truth amidst a desert of ignorance

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    Excellent Review. I love this Program. Thanks for Adding TuneUp Utilities As Well

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  64. purchases settlements

    I hope you do another contest like this. What a great piece of software.

  65. Alan Smith

    Tune up utilities will make easy the maintenance of the system that will help to enhance the speed of the system. It is one of the best maintenance program/software for the PC.