7 responses to “NewsBlur: An Impressive New RSS Feed Reader”

  1. Jasmine

    I have always been looking for an alternative to Google reader. Looks like NewsBlur is the one!

  2. NewsBlur: Google Reader Alternative

    […] source code is available, you can also install it on your own server, if you are so inclined. http://pallab.net/2010/10/27/new…s-feed-reader/ Every day brings a chance for you to draw in a breath, kick off your shoes, and dance. […]

  3. Rohit | Ipod Touch 4G

    it’s nice feed reader…just used it now….I think it can be as good as Google Reader…Thanks for Sharing…

  4. sanketmani

    If you have already selected your rss feed url then you can just copy that and paste into the rss box on twitterfeed and complete 3 steps first is rss feed name then second is allowing twitterfeed to access your twitter account and done thaz it.

  5. used tires

    Great to see that Samuel still keeps that project up to date, since newsblur was just recently updated 🙂


  6. Komodo Dragon

    NewsBlur does look like a decent alternative to Google Reader. It’s great that it’s possible to import your Google Reader feeds as that certainly makes it a lot easier to transition over to it.

  7. emobile_developer

    I really surprised with that I remained unknown with this great RSS news reader. Truly awesome and offer many features and can serve better. Thanks dude for informing this great service.