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  1. Sourish Nath

    Wow. A Complete Guide to blogging Success. 🙂 Would have looked even better if u’ve added few pics or broken the post into 10 tips at a time or even 5. So it would have made a series of “WordPress Must Have part 1-2-3” like that.Though its a personal opinion. 🙂

  2. Shaunak De

    Great list. A lot of these are valid for any CMS.
    .-= Shaunak De´s last blog ..Durga =-.

  3. phu nguyen

    Very interesting long list. Today I have read till the 15th tip. Tomorrow, I will read the rest.

  4. Ujjwal Kanth

    WOOOWWW… hw cn u write so much…
    Great work… i ll implement all these in my blog 😉
    N one more thing pallab.net has no favicon dear! 😀 at least i cnt c … it
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  5. Ashfame

    I think I said what I wanted to 😉
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  6. Ana

    A very informative post, helpful to anyone whether a novice or someone at a more paced level. I think you highlight the key plugins for WordPress, which are sustainable in the long run. I am glad I dropped by your blog, as it’s bought to light some key plugins I may need. (Just added the email subscription)

    Thank you, and keep up the good work.

    Your site is fantastic! 🙂
    .-= Ana´s last blog ..The deeper message from within =-.

  7. Jim Westergren

    You can cross point 21 as that is now taken care of automatically by WordPress.
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  8. BWI

    Excellent advice though I think you could have skipped the promote on Twitter item. Twitter gets enough spam.
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  9. left 4 dead 2 forum

    This is probably the best list on “what to do after you install wordpress” I have ever seen. Pallab – you did an excellent job of getting straight and to the point with the details. Well done.
    .-= left 4 dead 2 forum´s last blog ..Left 4 Dead 2 Dark Carnival Video =-.

  10. David

    I would have to agree, great points and yes installing a nice social tool like http://comluv.com/ can help engage and encourage readers to comment on your posts.

    The only issues around related posts, make sure that you dont feature them too highly so people click away before they finish reading your posts.
    .-= David´s last blog ..Adobe flash cash to buy omniture =-.

  11. Nikhil Verma

    Probably the best post in your blog so far !

  12. Palabuzz

    I just installed a new blog and I am going to follow this guide.
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  13. S.Pradeep Kumar

    Gr8 list dude ! Glad I followed some things ! 😀 Will check others now..thanks for sharing ..
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  14. Christina


    Wondering this >>

    On #31, where are you placing the code – exactly? Between which Divs?


  15. Hans

    This is a great list. Thanks!

    However, the first step I always take when doing a fresh WP install is renaming the ‘admin’ user to something that is trickier to guess. Since there are a bunch of WordPress installs out there, with default ‘admin’ users, it’s not a hard guess that hackers’ first choice is to exploit that security vulnerability.
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  16. Anish KS

    Great check list dude, me to following the same.
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  17. Udegbunam Chukwudi

    I’m not 100% sure about the about page thing. For security reasons, the amount of data I give out about myself on my blog is extremely limited.

    DB Cache didn’t work on my blog. I’m using Hyper Cache on my main blog and WP Super Cache on my other blog. I guess it all comes down to which of the plug-ins is compatible your host’s server.

    I just deleted the readme.html from my installations. Thanks for the tip.

  18. Anthony V. Gibby

    Since I’m new to blogging this blog is exactly what I need. I’m going to make sure I go through each step carefully. Also if anyone know how to remove a favicon put there by gravatar favicon plugin please please contact me.

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  19. Anthony V. Gibby

    oh my i love that CommentLuv plugin… gotta get it
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  20. Forbrukslån

    I thought my site was ok until I read this.. I`ve probably done just half of the things in that list. Crap. Good post though, it`ll improve my site for sure.

  21. Omer Greenwald

    Excellent and thorough list!
    I would add to create links inbound links from posts to post in your blog to enhance SEO.
    You can create those links easier by using the Link To Post plugin.
    In adiition, regularly linking to related posts by other bloggers in the end of your posts is a good idea. I plan to add it to my blog soon.
    .-= Omer Greenwald´s last blog ..4 Most Annoying Mistakes to Avoid When Building a Client’s WebSite =-.

  22. Ricky

    Some great steps. I will personally advice my blogger friends to read this.It will be helpful for them. I provide free domains through http://freedomainsworld.com so it will be helpful for new comers.
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  23. Selina

    Tnx for this tips, one of these days i will finally make a blog on wordpress because i heard from many sources how its much better than blogger so ill have to try it.

  24. Harsh Agrawal

    Pallab nice post and great list for every beginners. Here are few things which I would recommend:

    1. Disable Comment pagination under Discussion.
    2. Update Ping list
    3. Check privacy settings
    4.Change Permalink to search engine friendly permalink

    Some plugins:
    SEO smart link
    Super cache
    Wp db manager
    Watermark reloaded
    .-= Harsh Agrawal´s last blog ..SEO How to Submit your WordPress Site to Yahoo Search Engine =-.

  25. Puneet Sahalot

    Great Post..!!!

    Well I have my personal opinion of not turning off the post revisions…!!! The reason behind this being once, a very important post of mine was deleted by some browser and internet activity. Since I was in hurry I looked for it in the trash and by mistake removed it from there as well. So, the post was permanently removed. I used my db to retrieve the post through “revision post” 🙂 🙂
    .-= Puneet Sahalot´s last blog ..Orkutheroes is Now Flockpostcom =-.

  26. konya rent a car

    Thank u for advices. I use some of them. But No visitors on my blog? How can I get visitors to my blog? Do you want to write a new article that getting visitors?

    1. ceneestetigi

      wp-minify actually saved me from spending huge bucks on my server costs . It merges all js on page to a single file …. i dont know css , otherwise would have used css sprite …

  27. used tires

    Wow, love how you detailed each specific part that is needed attention after a wordpress install! I really like alot of the suggestions you’ve made, and I will likely implement some of these now 😀

    Till then,


  28. Kamal Hasa

    Kickass post man. It’s really a nice tut for the first time bloggers. Awesome share!

  29. Computer Tips Tricks

    Great tips. It’s especially useful for new bloggers who just step into the blogosphere.

  30. Sourish @ Jailbreak Iphone 4

    yep . wp-minify , w3cache are two important plugins to be used


  31. Sourish @ Jailbreak Iphone 4

    wp-minify actually saved me from spending huge bucks on my server costs . It merges all js on page to a single file …. i dont know css , otherwise would have used css sprite …

  32. Sourish @ Jailbreak Iphone 4

    i dont understand why people use trackbacks , what is the use of it ….


  33. Sell Textbooks

    Thanks for the list. I am constantly forgetting one thing here or there. this will be a great a addition to the guide I made.

  34. Computer Tips Tricks

    I would like to recommend WP Total Cache because of its capability of covering almost aspects of pageload’s speed.

    1. Sourish @ Jailbreak Iphone 4

      yah , agree to that wp cache does almost everything , to add to this , i use wp-minify … its something very very essential ….


  35. Greg

    Will keep the Security tips in mind as this is my least versed area in WordPress yet quite crucial. My WordPress assistant needs to make a pit stop here to take a look and implement some of your tips on my sites, I will let him know.

    Thanks a million for putting this comprehensive list together.


    1. sell textbooks

      I know right, I have been trying to put together a list for ages. Now I don’t have to.

  36. Carol @ Unlock iPhone 4

    the WP-minify is one of the greatest tools that I have ever used.. I am having issues with Joomla.. I cannot use the wp-minify since it is not wordpress.. anybody knows a Joomla extension that will do the same job ?

    Thanks in advance

  37. sell textbooks

    wow I have been trying to add the page numbers at the bottom for ages, I knew it wasn’t something that should be that hard I do have the page nav installed I guess I just need to tweek it a bit.

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    wow nice post,, that info my looking for long time, thanks bro.

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    Awesome tips! Glad I found this before I installed wordpress, because I wouldn’t have thought to do the majority of these things. Thanks for the great article that is very informative, and keep up the great work informing people about blogging!

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