14 responses to “Ten More Things You Can Do With IrfanView”

  1. Benedict Herold

    We can always keep adding features to the list when it comes to IrfanView isn’t it?

  2. Nirmal

    Looks like we have lot of Irfan View fans, including me. :D.
    Nice compilation. Stumbled.

  3. Shankar Ganesh

    :O I never knew that IrfanView can extract icons from EXE files. Thanks!!!

  4. Shahab

    Where te heck is my comment gone ..?

  5. Internet Tv

    Great list!

  6. l3utterfish

    IRFANVIEW is the BEST..

    I wish you could update images from Irfanview to imageshack directly.. for example. thats a missing plugin.

  7. Jeff Hardy

    Ten Things you can do with Irfanview with more explanation. IrfanView has been around for many years and keeps getting better.
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  9. Oleksandr P. Zalishchuk

    IrfanView is the best!

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