9 responses to “Spock – People Search Engine”

  1. Nirmal

    I too joined Spock 2 days back through an invite. Looks good.

  2. The King

    The thing that might make this successful is that many searches in google or whatever search engines are for people. For history classes etc, you do need to look up people and except for wikipedia and a few other links, the rest are all irrelevant sometimes.

    I think why they decided to be a community editing site like Wikipedia because they saw that Wikipedia was an excellent source of information.

    I would like to join Spock but only if it has historic information worldwide. And I hope you don’t have to download anything.


  3. Shahab

    And I claim the third invite .. >)

  4. Vishal

    ya seems quite good
    let me try.

  5. Internet Tv

    spock looks great, cant wait to try it.

  6. Shankar Ganesh

    The concept behind Spock is brilliant! I was also extremely impressed by the way it functions 🙂

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