14 responses to “Telephone Songs”

  1. Neha

    ” Mary had a little lamb” ….sounds like a funneral song….! 😛

  2. nicole

    I’m so charmed by the fact that my birthday actually falls on 1121. 😀

  3. Madhur Kapoor

    Nice idea .

  4. Qwerty Maniac

    You forgot the siren song, 911 911 911 that truly sounds ditto to real life 😆

  5. ishy

    hey nice one! great blog up here! 😀

  6. Shwetanshu

    Finally u r up!!! agter 14755455245475757867 years

  7. Atul

    Lol nine stuff man gotta try htis 😛

  8. vysakh

    wow pally. nice find

  9. praveen

    I too can try it out when i dont have any work

  10. koutny

    IRON MAN- 11 223 323232 11 22

  11. koutny

    sorry its acctuially 12 233 323232 11 22

  12. Sell Textbooks

    I don’t think I ever sat on the phone and tried to do this. I had some weird drawing and music Mario program on super Nintendo but not never did this.

  13. used tires

    Yeah its fun to create music out of the telephone’s dial for sure!


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