4 responses to “Review : WindowFX 3”

  1. Rohan Prabhu

    Hmm.. But i prefer the old ‘Windows Classic’ theme. Saves me on resources. And mostly, I never liked most of the Stardock products. They are nothing but bloatwares… StyleXP handles resources much better. Anyways, the effects in Stardock’s products are something, nobody can rival. Add it up with a few Konfab widgets, an object bar skin and you have a killer desktop with you… But just beware, that you need loads of processing power on yer’ hand… 😉


  2. Aman

    Though i also dont like skinning apps the specs on which this was tested is very similer to mine .
    And if no drags were experienced ; gr8 !!
    Awesome review !

  3. Dhruv

    “One effect that I would urge you to try is the Genie effect”

    That’s the most rubbish effect ever , simply sucks.