37 responses to “Opera v9 : Excellent but not Perfect”

  1. rakesh aka EnigmatriX

    a small correction opera seems to pass the acid 2 test but it actually doesnt.

  2. oppa

    Content blocker can block flash just like plain images. I don’t know why it doesn’t work for you.

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  4. Aman

    I also like the clolour schemes in opera( themes)
    its a qucik alternative to a new feel.

  5. Ashis

    I find this as a new adition:
    The Error console window

  6. Sourabh

    Awesome writeup! true to the last word.

    I love opera from the moment i first used version 8.

    The best thing I like abt opera is its download manager/transfer window and ‘when u click back on a webpage, it backs off and loads it from cache!’ Its cool for users on a slow connection.

    all the other featueres are quite innovative and useful too.

  7. Milk

    “However, the fact remains that Firefox which is younger than Opera manages to render more websites correctly compared to Opera.”

    That’s an inaccurate statement. It says nothing about what the browser is able to do. All it shows is that more people test their sites in Firefox.

    Also, Firefox is not “young”. Firefox uses Gecko, which is many years old. Gecko is the “new Netscape engine”. All webmasters know about Netscape, and most of them supported Netscape 6 because it was Netscape, and they were used to supporting Netscape. Firefox got to “freeload” off that momentum.

    Also, the higher market share means that more sites are forced to test with Firefox.

    Again, it’s got nothing to do with the browser’s capabilities, just its market position and history.

  8. Anthony

    I’m not sure why you can’t click on the Flash animation, but you can still block it. Go into “Block content” mode, and at the top of the window press the “Details…” button. Add the following:


    It’ll then be blocked.

  9. snurfle

    I’ve been a long-time fan of Opera.
    But in the past 3 months, they have managed to push me away…
    I submitted (along with a dozen or so other people) a question concerning opera’s inability to open websites that it was able to open the day before. I was told to “pack your —- and get off the forum”.
    I have been running the V9 betas, and all seemed to be well.
    Yesterday, I installed the new release… it crashes reguarly, and complains of missing .dll files.
    The voice features, which worked in the beta, no longer work.
    I have tried to make it work, and I have tried to explain away all of the websites that don’t work with opera as “this website doesn’t work because it isn’t written well enough to work with a GOOD browser.”
    Today, I posted a five paragraph explanation of my history, and growing disappointment, with Opera.
    Their response was to delete my post 10 minutes after I submitted it, and closed my account.
    I have been polite, reasonable, and forgiving with them. The only thing I posted that could be construed as offensive, was when I quoted their techie… and I even posted the “bad” word in l337!
    So, I am moving on to FireFox.
    Opera may be the “most standard” browser, but the rest of the world seems to live on a diet of “non-standard” web pages that only work on IE or FF!

    They (Opera) have a good vision, but their elitist attitude on their support pages, as well as their growing incompatablilty with web sites (like google!), and their inability to release a new version that works WORSE than last week’s beta… it’s all enough for me to throw in the towel and move on to something that may not be as ‘good’, but that at least functions!!!

  10. Milk

    “The gecko engine is younger than opera.”

    Gecko is older than Presto, the engine in Opera 7+.

  11. Milk


    “But there are lot of websites which don’t work due to opera’s fault. for eg. sites like writely.”

    Really? And why is Writely Opera’s fault?

    “Opera always seems to be doing the catching up game as far as website compatibility goes.”

    Again you are getting it backwards. It’s the fact that people actively block Opera or simply refuse to test in Opera that is the problem. It’s got nothing to do with Opera’s capabilities as a browser.

    “Make no mistake, I am an Opera fan. I want Opera to be the most popular browser around. But, when I am reviewing it I must be fair.”

    Then you shouldn’t claim that sites blocking Opera says anything about Opera’s capabilities.

  12. Ashis

    Scrolling function not working with Opera 9 when pages have frame!
    Check this

    If its working with U then tell me!

  13. vysakh

    one new thing i noticed is that if i right click an image and save it, it comes in the transfer window.

  14. jayakumar

    On the transfers tab click the view dropdown button (beside the quickdownload box) and change to show transfers in background when starting download

  15. vysakh

    its quite irritating.
    even for minute sized pics its being shown

  16. Antonio Orlando

    You write:

    “I could not find a way to display link url as tooltips while the status bar is enabled (if there is a way to do so, please let me know)”

    Here it is:


  17. Emrah

    You can customize multipopup in any way you want; it has two kinds of tooltips, one primary view, other secondary. Primary view titles are displayed automatically (defaults to title), secondary tooltips are displayed using the control key modifier. You can customize it to display any attribute, including class, id, etc. either automatically, or by using the control modifier. The latest version that had optimized behaviour for Opera9 is at:
    I will host it after we do some little changes, but it works really well.

  18. Jason Drohn

    Opera is a great browser. The integrated mouse gestures, torrent support, everything. I was hesitant to travel to far from Firefox, but I just made the switch yesterday..

  19. Jason Drohn

    Thank you! You have a great blog here by the way. I will have to start reading it regularly!

  20. Nafcom's Crap Blog

    Opera 9 Final Is Out!

    Finally, it’s out! – Opera 9!

    They also started a big campaign and a release party.

    I have written a review about Opera 9 earlier (based on beta versions which are not much different from its final product, though) at this blog post 🙂

    You c…

  21. Nafcom

    Sorry, but you should replace the lot of “it’s” with “its”.
    (Example: It’s my house, its colour is red”.

    It makes the whole blogpost hard to read 🙁

    But very great and good blogpost, I will trackback it in my blog, hope that is ok 🙂

  22. Nafcom

    PS; The image blocker can block Flash if the flash “movie” is on its end/not playing. I tried it a few times and it worked 🙂

  23. Pallab

    It may be so. I will try it on a few more sites. But most ads are looping, so actually they never end.

  24. Nafcom

    @Pallab: with those dart/boxing flash games, it worked for me , do not have a site example at hand now, though.

  25. martin

    What ,???
    ” However, if Opera gets its marketing campaign right it should be able to win over current Internet Explorer users.”

    Has IE have a seat for this competition???
    Forget IE , it only has its much tickets because of being accompanied with Windows .