55 responses to “Opera 10.50 Unveiled: Opera Is Once Again the Fastest Browser on Earth”

  1. DoubleD

    Hmmm… yet another unstable browser alpha. 10.50 introduced localStorage too! 😀

  2. Navjot Singh

    Your love for Opera never seems to lessen. Btw in the first screenshot, you tested with IE 9? Internal Leak? LOL. Pls fix it.

    And Chrome’s latest version is so do test that too…maybe it may make diff.

    And how did u got those less than 1000 value in score in first test? I tried the same test thrice on Chrome, took avg and arrived at 3296! Much larger than what u got.

    For second test, Chrome 4.0.266 gives 526.6ms – lower than any other value.

    For third test, Chrome gives 3279 again outerperforming Opera.

    Btw, don’t include third test in your results because instead of measuring browser performance alone, it clubs it with your system’s power too which can differ with each PC.

    1. Pallab

      Yeah. That IE9 thing was a good up. I already fixed it.
      I doubt, that a minor build no. is going to make much of a diference in performance.
      My scores are lower because of slower net+laptop’s processing power.
      Your system’s capabilities will impact Sunspider also. But, the tests generally scale in a similar manner so from browser to browser the test results will be valid.

    2. 3po

      Wow, Navjot, are you a bit of an anti-Opera dude?

      1. Navjot Singh

        Nope…I am not anti-Opera, infact when some webpages load very slowly in other browsers, I open them in Opera and found improvement in Speed. But I hate the fact that even after so many years, Opera did not implement any full blown extension support. I don’t find myself comfortable in Opera to make my default browser.

        1. invent00r

          And many many more years will go by and Opera will not implement extensions.

          And I’m glad it won’t because it doesn’t need one.

          1. Navjot Singh

            Will Opera help me migrate my 1700+ Passcards from FF? Nope…Opera does need extensions. I can’t just start remembering or feeding every of my 1700+ password combi in Opera without some support for Roboform built in.

  3. Jayce

    Does Opera has lot of add-on like Firefox?
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  4. Buster

    There are lots of built-in features in Opera which are available only with add-on in firefox. Check this page to find answer “How can I change my Firefox into Opera?” question.

    http://www.scss.com.au/family/andrew/opera/firefox/ It is written with old version.

    If you can see link, try searching “Opera vs Firefox”. Choose yours.

  5. Pubudu Kodikara

    All hail opera! i like Opera cause of its pack of features!
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  6. C4

    You’re not even using the latest Chrome. Opera 10.50 isn’t that fast compared to the latest Chrome.

    AppleWebKit/532.8 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/ Safari/532.8

    1. 3po

      “Opera 10.50 isn’t that fast compared to the latest Chrome.”

      Why, actually it is.

  7. Alex

    Do you make a benchmarking without giving us your pc’s characteristics???

    In new opera did they find the autosuggesting feature?

  8. Newtown

    Sorry, the WebKit nightlies are still faster than O 10.5:


    WebKit is at least 25% faster than 10.5 on all the tests you’ve listed. That said, so what if Opera is not the fastest browser on earth, it’s better than it was, and that is to be applauded.

    1. Adrian

      webkit is a layout engine. Opera, Chrome, Safari are the browsers.
      Opera is still beating Chrome and Safari with their latest build.
      And this is just a pre-alpha, the full power of Opera hasn’t been optimized yet.

    2. 3po

      Actually, Opera 10.5 is still faster than the bleeding edge Chromium and all that,

  9. james

    i love opera but the only think that stops me from using it as my primary browser is its lack of addons

  10. Fred

    ohhh come on!!!
    Safari 3.0.4??? please use 4.0.4 and you will see the difference.

    The default Safari is 4.0.4 for Snow Leopard, and has been updated on 10.4 and 10.5

    At least use the latest nightly build of Webkit, which might be even faster than Safari and who knows faster then Opera.

    I love Opera by the way, it’s beautiful and FAST! love it.

  11. Bogdan

    It’s very cool what Opera is doing and I totally agree that it is fast indeed. But I must say I see one hole in your judgement: you are comparing Opera Alpha with Chrome Beta. I would’ve compared with the latest Chrome dev for more relevancy.
    .-= Bogdan´s last blog ..Perpetuum imobiliaris =-.

    1. 3po

      Even the latest Chrome dev is destroyed by 10.5.

  12. Amal Roy

    I am using opera pre alpha 10.5 it is certainly very fast but it often crashes on opening some websites. Waiting forthe final build to land. Thanks Pallb for the info.

  13. S.Pradeep Kumar

    I’m not into Opera much. But I use Opera Unite frequently. It is shocking to see Opera overtook other leading popular browsers. Nice sharing buddy! 🙂
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  14. Lorin

    I’ve tested it on my computer, and works fine so far. I can’t wait for the final version 🙂
    .-= Lorin´s last blog ..Opera 10.05 pre-alpha is available for download. =-.

  15. 3rdbrain

    I would quickly ask a question ‘what about the latest final version? is it fast enough than FF3 and Chrome !! Need to use it on my netbook.

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  18. Jonny

    Nice comparison Pallab, I was just telling Rarst that I may have to give Opera another go …again! Common browser experience

  19. Jim D

    Opera 10.5 blows the doors off of Chrome beta and beats the nightly Chromium by about a 10% margin. Firefox 3.5, 3.6 and Minefield are like the mexican mice on siesta – still the best extensions around though and as always NoScript. Bests Iron by about 20% also.

    If you use LastPass on Chrome or Firefox there is a bookmarklet for Opera but I can’t get it yet on 10.5. Opera needs to address password migration it is a sore point with me also.

    Looking forward to the builds as they come out.

  20. Jonny

    I can’t use Opera full time because of the password migration issue…..as much as I’d love to. It has a very clean interface like chrome and doesn’t suffer the bloatedness of Firefox.

    I think I want too much….
    1. Extentions and pass management of firefox (esp. Noscript)
    2. Clean speed and screen size of chrome.
    3. Grown up polishedness (bad verb) of opera.

  21. fred

    why don’t you just add the passwords from firefox to Opera one by one as needed.

    I can believe you may have 20-100 passwords. but you don’t need to spend all day adding one by one.

    just like what I do, when I visit a site that needs my password, I just go to firefox and copy paste it to opera as needed. Opera will remember it then.

    and if you have many computers, Opera sync offers password sync right?

  22. Daniel15

    Wow, I didn’t know about this alpha! I’ve been using Opera for years now (started using it when version 6 came out), and I’ll definitely have to try this version 😀

  23. thing

    Check out the campaign of the new browser!



  24. Glenn

    People lie if they claim Chrome Outperforms Opera is liers. Opera is supported by international benchmarks done in the correct way… Chrome outperforms opera only in areas where Chrome has spesialized in “Eg. Tests made by Google or special codecs for google sites” etc

  25. Glenn

    Kinda sad seeing MS own browser IE being outperformed that hard seeing IE is the one off the oldest Browsers ran by one of the richest companys, specialising in just these fields…. If they focused.. and combined, Operas Speed, with FF security ” or who ever have the best” with Opera similar skin, it could really become world leading, ofc it is atm but thats because people really dont know anything

  26. fortis

    FF was great for surfing the web circa 2005 and 6. But 10.50 gives us way to many tools chrome and FF dont have. I can use the intergrated bit torrent while my opera unite is on, and a friend wants to grab a movie, i have turbo on because of all the bandwidth being used, my email is on lowbandwidth mode on my laptop in the office of my restaurant grabbing wi-fi next door, all the while using have the memory from an open yet idle FF or chrome browser. The integrated email is sent to my blackberry at astonishing speed like txts do, where i can open a link with opera mini 5< and download from my own opera unite server to find a song.

    i dont see where any other browser can be appreciated as a tool any more. OPERA 10.50 is a cut above …

  27. Nimit kashyap

    I didnt know that opera is the fastest browser, will try it now.
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  30. Dodge Neon SRT4

    It’s True. I downloaded the latest Opera. It is excellent One Man. My Browsing Speed has improved a lot.

  31. Gazz

    Nice one, sounds good, thanks.