7 responses to “OpenDNS – Faster and Smarter”

  1. David Ulevitch

    Thanks for the great writeup and review of OpenDNS. Be sure to let us know if you have any cool ideas you’d like to see or other feedback.


    -david ulevitch

  2. Ashis

    Yea….Indyan I Right!

    I too heard bout the OpenDNS earlier & opened an account ; gave it a try, but to my bad luck It didn’t work.

    But now when you wrote the article bout it, I was inspired to try again, I it worked this time ; I am seeing the difference :p

    Thanks U Indyan & long Live “Not Just Another Blog”!

  3. Sid

    Pallab, I’d just like to point out that OpenDNS won’t change ping times. The reduced times were probably due to prevailing network conditions.

    What OpenDNS WILL change, however, are the DNS resolution times, and with a sucky ISP like DataOne, they make all the difference. OpenDNS is an amazing product.

    And look, you have the creator of OpenDNS himself commenting!

  4. zilogjones

    Thanks for that – a lot more informative than the help given on the OpenDNS website!

  5. David Ulevitch

    cpicsonly — There is no relation between bittorrent speeds and OpenDNS. It’s just coincidence.

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