7 responses to “GreedyTorrent – Boost Your Ratio”

  1. Ashis

    Leme give My view!

    I download torrent in the free time that is 2AM to 8Am (I am on DataOne).
    So I don’t mind if my peers upload a lot.
    Or may be If, they upload 10 times of what I download :p
    I will Only be happy!

    Not sharing is being like a parasite.
    Biting the hand that feeds U.
    I don’t want to be one of them so I will not use the software….No I don’t need it, nor will I recommend any one to use it!


  2. Manas

    This piece of software will only harm the BitTorrent community.

    Imagine, no one will sees because they can use GreedyTorrent. This way you will only get low speeds.

  3. Vijay

    Of course, I am running on an unlimited 128 Kbps connection, so I guess I can seed whenever the connection is free from downloads. There are sites with stringent restrictions, it would be better to be careful since people now know everything about greedytorrent and there must be someway to detect its usage I guess

  4. Ba

    Maybe people want to sell demonoid codes?

  5. Basel

    I have downloaded GreedyTorrent but my download speed didn’t increase which is the only reason i need it for ( my friend told me it will increase download speed !! )