9 responses to “New Antivirus Shootout from Av-Test.org”

  1. Aman

    I have been a fan of NOD32 ..
    I tried avira n your saying .. interface and customizations SUCKS !

  2. Aman

    Might want to look at this too 🙂
    NOD 32 🙂 yeaa !

    Link removed by Admin since it violates terms of av-comparatives.org.

  3. Affiliate Marketing Forum

    Anti-Virus Shooyout from AV-Test org…

    The AV – Test Org (Anti-Virus Test Organization) has just recently launched an anti-virus competition that involves the best anti-virus, spyware and bot detectors available.

    The objective is to mak……

  4. Shankar Ganesh

    Thanks for this post.. Out to download AOL Shield.

  5. anynomus

    Yes , Avira Antivir is real good .
    Those people who complain abt the GUI/interface
    probably bcoz they cant find any faults with it
    or accept the fact that it has got better.

    Good recommendation

  6. LOL

    LOL…I stay away from anything with AOL in it. I have a great hatred for AOL that dates back to troubleshooting their service over 10 years ago. And besides this comparison is not even valid anymore. AOL sheild is no longer distributed.

    We’re Sorry!
    AOL® Active Virus Shield is no longer available.
    Looking for protection from viruses, spyware and hackers?
    We are now offering McAfee® Virus Scan Plus-Special edition from AOL.


  7. war379k

    i personally think that if you want speedy pc then nod32 is ONLY choice. and if you want to focus on protection then Avira and Kaspersky is always best. But it takes a lot more memory than nod32.

    Your have to choose. Speedy pc with less protection or Slow pc with more protection.

    for more discussion….

  8. antivirushero

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