27 responses to “Microsoft Refuses to Offer a Choice, Instead Unbundles IE from Windows 7 in Europe”

  1. CaptainZM

    The EU is full of idiots. There won’t be any computer sold from prebuilt companies that are without a browser. Microsoft just tell them that the Hardware they reciew doesnt have a browser, they pick one and install it, and the end user is non the wiser.

    People buying the standalone OS and using it are probably a step above the average Joe in computer literacy and can follow the basic steps microsoft gave to FTP the install onto your computer.

  2. Kenny

    I will side with Microsoft on not including any type of browser. If they include a ballot of choice or the top three/four browsers they could end up with suits from lower companies saying that Microsoft is not fair by not displaying the browser and Joe Schloe’s Browser has to be included as a possible choice. It becomes ridiculous to believe that everyone will be happy with the decision. Sure Microsoft looks like jerks because they decided to go the route that will allow them to fulfill the terms the EU put in place and not have to deal with possible side suits later.

  3. Catfishman

    Good on Microsoft.
    By the way, what manner will you use to download your browser, now that there’s no browser to download that browser…
    Oh, and I’m not a Microsoft fanboy, as I am primarily a Linux/Firefox user. I am just tired of the whole EU having it in for Microsoft. Have ya’ taken a look at Google, lately folks?

    1. CaptainZM

      They’ve said they are going to offer FTP as a possible solution, or you can buy a IE disc and have it sent to you. Or you can go to your friends and get the damn install file yourself.

  4. Venkat

    EU,Norwegian company and American company… you know who’ll win here. EU is stupid. Period. Everyone except Microsoft haters know that this was pretty stupid move on EU’s part forcing Microsoft on IE. All OS should be bundled with a browser, media player and all other essential utilities.Now who decides what goes into an OS? Microsoft for Windows, Apple for Leopard, Mark Shuttleworth for Ubuntu etc. Now how difficult is to download another browser using IE? Now don’t say users are not aware of alternatives. Everyone visits youtube and various Google sites where they advertise Chrome. If the user still doesn’t download that browser, then don’t you think that they are comfortable with what they are using right now? All these web standards, monopolist talk are bullshit. At the end of the day, all an average Joe needs is a browser that gets his job done.

    “Not only that totally unbundling Internet Explorer will also break the operating system IE is deeply embedded into Windows. For eg. IE is required for viewing help files (.chm).”

    As you said, IE is one of the core components of Windows. They may remove the browser but they will never remove the core components of IE built into Windows. Now if EU has a problem with that, then probably they should ban Windows from EU and let their users choose Linux.

    Microsoft did not become a monopoly overnight. It became a monopoly because it was allowed to become one by lazy competitors or lack of good competing products.

    Opera should stop complaining and start focusing on making a top class product. Their current browser is good but sadly not the best. They were the best but allowed browsers like Firefox,Chrome and Safari to eat into their market share.

  5. Venkat

    Like I said on twitter, allow the market to correct itself. It took years for Microsoft to become a monopoly.It will take years to erode IE’s market share… but it will eventually happen. Make good competing products and have some patience… market will take care of itself. No need for Government to intervene.

    1. CaptainZM

      And your right, Government probably shouldn’t interfere in something like this which is more of a Marketing issue.

      But if, lets say, Microsoft started actively making it a problem to get or use other browsers, then the EU would have a valid point. I’m sure microsoft is very aware that IE is being replaced so they are doing what they can to try and keep their hold. Commercials, advertisements online, studies, etc. If Microsoft is willing to fight for their browser, the other browsers need to do so too.

  6. Venkat

    “This is something you just made up. Fx, Chrome and Safari didn’t eat away Opera’s marketshare. It’s currently larger than what it was 2-3 years ago.
    In fact when Chrome was released Fx and Ie’s market share went down where as Opera’s remained constant (infact according to Statcounter it actually increased).”

    Okay let me explain with some numbers from

    Dec 08 Opera’s market share 2.4%
    June 09 Opera’s market share 2.1%

    That’s little less than 8.5% decrease in market share. Also, you do understand the fact that losing potential user base to news browsers that popped up yesterday = losing market share, right?

  7. Venkat

    “Forget about being aware of alternative browsers, there are a lot of people who don’t know what a browser is. I have seen such people in my college (yes, in an engineering college).”

    So why do you think people like these deserve a Firefox or Opera or a W3C standard compliant browser? Man, I would like to stop here. I am not supporting IE or Microsoft here. All I am saying is they are free to bundle their software in their OS. What’s more stupid and irritating is the fact EU and Opera is pissed off because Microsoft decided to remove IE from their OS. They knew it would end up messy right from day 1 and still went ahead with their coercion.

  8. Venkat

    “Yes, MS does have a right to bundle a browser with their OS.”
    That’s exactly what I am talking about. They were just exercising their right. Now EU has its own laws. It wanted Microsoft to do something about IE. So IE was removed. May be it’s EU’s right to say Microsoft cannot bundle IE in its OS (which is pretty stupid but let’s not even get into it)… so Microsoft removed it. As simple as that. Now you can flex its muscle again and coerce all computer vendors (Sony,HP,Dell,Lenovo etc) to bundle Opera or whatever browser EU likes.

    If you look back, all I said was I fully support Microsoft’s move to unbundle IE from OS.
    “@indyan I love what Microsoft did! Brilliant move. Opera should make a better browser instead of crying and whining to EU!”

    We’ve come a full circle and hopefully this argument will end here.Now if you still have any problem with that tweet, then probably there is REALLY no point in discussing this anymore.

  9. Venkat

    Oops, sorry about the 8.5% figure. Stats I took from w3c link because you said they are the lords of the web who decide what’s good for web and what’s not good for web. If Opera’s market share is increasing, well and fine. Good for them. Like I said, I was a huge Opera fan until Firefox, Chrome and Safari popped up. I switched to Firefox in a heartbeat because of various reasons.

  10. Venkat

    wow.. you still keep harping the same point again and again and again…. the problem was Microsoft bundling IE because it destroys your so called fair and free web (it’s funny when someone calls internet fair and free, anyway that’s not the point of this discussion), Microsoft removed it from OS. Now why is Opera crying out loud again? Why did EU agree when Microsoft removed Media player from Windows for EU countries? What’s the problem with removing now? Force the EU PC manufactures to bundle Firefox or Safari or Opera or any standards compliant browser,after all it’s EU land. How is removing IE from Windows Microsoft’s problem?

  11. XtraCB

    The EU seems too concerned about MS/WMP/IE. What about Apple? Isn’t this the true monopolistic company? Gaining market share on proprietary hardware/software? AT&T + iPhone anyone?