8 responses to “Know Exactly What svchost.exe is Upto With Svchost Viewer”

  1. Jonny

    This looks like a nice tool. In the past I have used Process Explorer to look at svchost files. Somewhere in the properties you can see which services or processess are calling svchost I think.
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  2. vbb

    Really nice app.IN my office computer ,a virus keeps creating instances of “svchost” (i think the virus is NewFolder.exe) .IN order to kill it,it’s good to see which process is actually created by the virus. I was earlier used to Process Explorer but that’s overkill for this simple task.

  3. Animesh

    Good post… I for one didn’t really know what these svchost.exe guys were upto… but now I know… well at least sort of.
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  4. Bart

    Svchost is different that scvhost.. I notice there is a difference upon closer examination. The vc or cv in “svchost” is switched. Had this about a year ago. My anti virus or spyware tool did n’t pick it up. CPU shot to 100% so I used process explorer to may be find the leak. But as I looked, I noticed the switch. And low and behold, it was the svchost process causing the CPU memory leak spike. Found Svchost guide helpful too.
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  5. Svchost

    I would also add, there is a great tool to help uncover sneaky little trojan like conflicker. It is free, no cost at ALL. It doesn’t fix the problem it finds, it just lets you know there is one. It’s called svchost process anaylzer.