7 responses to “It’s not FF dammit, it’s Fx!”

  1. George Serradinho

    Hi, thanks for visiting my site.

    I am one of those people who refer to it as FF and not Fx. Thanks for correcting me. I will remember this is future 🙂

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  2. George Serradinho

    Hi again,

    just wanted to say that I think your gravatar is cool 🙂

    Another thing is that your area to input the users name, mail and website are just white spaces using Fx. You see, I got it 🙂

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  3. thegands

    Hahaha… i’m also same with george. I also call firefox with FF, not Fx..
    Thanx for make this clear..

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  4. Nihar

    All the time , i was thinking Firefox as FF not Fx.

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  5. Venkat

    Google Fx 3.5 and FF 3.5. I generally don’t prefer using abbreviations but if I have to use it I would use something which is known to everyone (FF in this case)… doesn’t matter what Mozilla FAQ says.

  6. J-


    I was participating in few dicussions about “Firefox: fx or ff”. Though preferred shortcut of Firefox is fx (according to its creators) it is not so clear as it seems. Firefox has it’s own Google search page (Mozilla.org to be accurate: http://www.google.com/firefox?client=firefox-a). I guess it was accepted and monitored by Firefox creators, though look at the bottom hint (one of few showing randomly), the one that informing about new version of firefox. There is a image (spray can with digit 3), as we can see, spray can have dwo letters, those letters are “ff”.