28 responses to “How to Remove Kido / Downadup / Downup / Conficker”

  1. ary

    or try bdtools.net from bitdefender for the its last variant. I did. It was the only site this worm let me access. their removal tool really work

  2. Alex

    I have all symptoms on Vista but Removal tools eather die, or says system clean!!!

  3. Pallab

    I believe the most definitive symptom is the presence of .vmx file on any usb device that is plugged into the system. All AV softwares should be able to detect this file and let you know if it’s kido/conficker/downadup infection.
    If you are infected the dedicated tools are your best bet. I listed as many tools as I could find so that atleast some of them can get the work done. Give them all a try. If virus removal tools are dying try running them from safe-mode.

  4. Alex

    Hm, well I’ve run several cleaner utilities yesterday, and tried several AV’s but no-one reports anything, I even started to scan that vista partititon from XP partition which is clean, and could not detect anything, but I still can’t open microsoft.com, kaspersky.com, symantec, nod, outpost…

    However I can download those AV’s etc from alternate locations…

  5. Sham

    Nice tip:)


    I Found this virus 3 days ago in my network, but i have problem that kaspersky show the following message when find this virus. “write access is denied” file: c:\windows\bkqamc.dll
    Note : my virus name is:
    Patch MS08-067.mspx Microsoft
    can u help me plz?

  7. Alex Pavic

    Try with utility named unlocker, you can grab it from here http://ccollomb.free.fr/unlocker/ or some similar utility to unlock that file and try to delete that file manually. Hope that helpz!

    Alex Pavic’s last blog post..how to test is variable even/odd in a loop and how to alternate row colors in table

  8. ary

    try http://www.disinfecttools.com, the new location of the removal tool for the new conficker variant that is not yet blocked by the virus (bdtools.net is now). BitDefender moved quick 😉

  9. Kay

    I have all the symptoms of this worm, but when I tried the BitDefender tool, it didn’t work. It says that the scan was clean! What can I do now? I’m not really proficient with computers…. 🙁

  10. Rudi Bedy

    I would recomend to download and burn the BitDefender Rescue CD from here: http://download.bitdefender.com/rescue_cd/BitDefenderRescueCD_v2.0.0_16_03_2009.iso
    After that insert the cd in your CD-Rom, restart your PC and boot from the it. You will then enter a Linux OS where you can scan and remove viruses with the bitdefender scanner.
    You can find a tutorial on how to do this here: http://www.bitdefender.ro/KB417

  11. Rudi Bedy

    Use this link for the How To tutorial, the one in my first comment was in Romanian : http://www.bitdefender.com/KB417


    I have tried Symantec standalone tool.
    but there was no use of that …..
    I am not able to download from other antivirus websites.
    when i am trying for that its redirecting me to my local host.

  13. ary

    are you sure you have conficker? if the tool says you are clean, maybe is something else. can you access any security vendors sites?

  14. kupo

    Scans aren’t finding anything but I still have symptoms. Sigh.. can’t download anything from Microsoft.

  15. Remoción de Kido/Conficker « Notas sobre virus
  16. antony

    guys can you help me please… i have this virus and it wont let me download ANYTHING

    i cannot download absolutly anything it closes itself rlly fast and so it does when i try to type antivirus…

    i had an antivirus that expirated alrdy so i dont have any right now…

    u guys have any solution for this without downloading? cuz im desesperated D:….

  17. JMontes

    conflicker – I hate this.
    I formatted my drive when I had this virus.

  18. Beula Gumm

    Cool, but how old is this post?

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