6 responses to “How Effective is Your Antivirus Software?”

  1. Sriram

    I use Avira.. Changed to this from AVG after reading your previous posts about the different AVs..

    For me Resource Utilisation is very important and Avira just wins hands down because it’s just so light on the system.. and it detects everything and prevents the infections from spreading and that’s good enough for me:)…

  2. Jess

    i am presently using Avira and i think that it is really good as compared to norton (which i was using earlier).

    So, from my point of view, Avira is the winner from all the Antivirus i have used till date.

  3. Hany

    I’m using Mcafee Although these results shocked me.. I think I will stick with Mcafee. Maybe it’s not the most powerful antivirus But I prefer its options than kasper and other antivirus

  4. MrChris

    This article should be titled, “How Effective is Your AntiVirus Software at Cleaning an Infected System.” I agree that this facet of antivirus is important, but I would put more weight on the detection side. I’d rather block a virus than clean one any day. I use AntiVir, and have not had a virus problem to date. Another important factor I would like compared is how resource hungry these programs are.

  5. George

    I previous had Avira but when the license expired I changed to Bitdefender because they had a better offer. Right after installing Bitdefender and scanning with it, it showed me that my PC is infected with 3 different viruses, then I realised that BitDefender is far more better than its rival Avira. Regarding the update, i saw that it updates 3 times a day, it;s sufficient if you consider the good heuristic scanner that bitdefender has. Overall the suite is very good, i am using Internet Security.

  6. Jonny

    Avira for me, along with a layered approach to security. Avira is lightweight and has picked up everything I have accidentaly picked up. If I was gonna pay for an a.v. I’d still pick this, especially as Nod32 seems to be sliding.. 🙁
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