8 responses to “Element Browser – Gorgeous Webkit Based Browser with Tab Expose”

  1. SQL Training

    This webkit based Element Browser seems to be pretty Interesting. I am surely going to download it and use it out

  2. Saket

    Wow, the UI is very cool. Liked the Start Hub with recently opened sites and a clock 😀
    Downloading it..

  3. Adam

    Version 6 is out btw, I just tested it, and it seems to have fixed the issues that you have described.

    I agree with Pallab, it’s a worthy project and is surely worth the download, with a few more fixes and some more add-ons it could be up with the big ones.

    All in all it beats IE anyday.

  4. David

    OMG This browser is amazing!

    Do this:

    settings > tabs > rendering option > enable live preview!!!

    YouTube videos in the tabs are being updated live, and as im scrolling pages its moving in the tabs as well!

    I recommend this to any tech savy user out there!

  5. Shaunak

    Off-topic, but was wondering if you have tried Epic yet (and have already used the clever phrase “Epic-Fail”) 😀

    1. Pallab

      I did. And don’t shoot me for this, I loved it! Once you find a decent persona, it’s quite usable (mainly because it behaves identically to Fx). Being an Opera user, I am used to Panels and don’t mind them. And the panels actually offered a decent amount of very useful functionality.

      It’s nothing revolutionary, but it is something I think my dad would find really useful. I think that it is a good product for the Indian market.

      Here is my review: http://techie-buzz.com/browsers/epic-indian-web-browser.html

  6. used tires

    So this CTRL + Space feature will be available in the 4.0 version for Firefox? I just tried it out with my Firefox which is version 3.6.10 but the CTRL + Space does nothing for me 🙁 Definitely looking forward to it though in 4.0 😀

    Till then,