52 responses to “Manage Your External Drives Efficiently with Zentimo – Review and Giveaway”

  1. Shahab

    Hmm .. Looks interesting .. I hope it wont have any problem with Panda USB Vaccine ..?

  2. leslie

    Hello, this software does sound interesting. This would work great for safely removing my usb’s and external hard disk.

    I’ve already subscribed to your newsletter.

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    I hope I’m lucky enough to win.

  3. Gourav Kumar

    Looks like a really good software. Unable to remove error messages are so common for external HDDs, I was fed up with windows. This software should solve the problem.
    I’d like to apply for the giveaway
    Here is the link for the RT https://twitter.com/#!/gouravkr/status/12332736110927872

  4. ToGor

    I must at least try to win it, although their website is: “Please note, this version may contain bugs so use it with care. “.Hmmm – beta … But it looks nice …And multi-lingual …
    I have trouble with English, I teach only one year.
    Forgive me if this is an error.

  5. Jasmine

    Zentimo looks like a cool application! Would be really handy when my safely remove hardware thingy failed in Windows!

  6. Rohit | Ipod Touch 4G

    Zentimo is quite a good utility..using it’s trial version…hope to get a full version from this

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  7. vhick

    Following you on Twitter and tweet this post:


    Already an email subscriber.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. James

    Yes, I’ve had problems removing such devices in the past – rendering said devices unusable. I will cetainly be trying this software out. Thank You.

  9. SteveO (from Pc Tablet Guide)

    I am getting an external hard drive for Christmas, so would love to try this out. Thanks for the good giveaway and review.


  10. P Fulano

    Count me in. I got this software from GOTD but it doesn’t include updates so I’d like to win one license.
    I’m following you and retweeted by me (http://twitter.com/emsocosme) and 4 others:

    Also I’m an email subscriber.


  11. Umair

    This is an interesting software. I have already destroyed two of my flash drives due to unsafe removal. I hope this helps.

  12. used tires

    Seems that I am just a little bit too late for the contest itself, I guess that means I should check the website more often! Best of luck to the winners when they are announced.


  13. Zentimo Giveaway Winners | Pallab dot Net

    […] winners will soon receive their key via mail. Thanks to Crystal Rich for sponsoring the giveaway. Zentimo is a fantastic utility that makes managing USB drives a breeze.google_ad_client = […]

  14. Komodo Dragon

    This looks like a very interesting program. I saw Zentimo’s previous offering in use at the workplace and it’s definitely worth getting and it appears this one is even better as we start using external drives more and more.

  15. Atul@TechOfWeb

    visiting ur blog after a long time

    I can see u have changed many thing
    From ur theme to ur writing.

    If I am not wrong, initially u used to write just on designing, some wordpress and now on computers 🙂

    all the best


  16. sell textbooks

    I only wish they had this out a couple years ago. I had a 500 Gig external with all my music and over 500 movies on it and it was wiped out and crashed a laptop. I miss all the stuff on there so much, it was priceless to me.

    If you are wondering if it’s worth it, think about all you could lose by not having it. 35$ that is totally worth it.

  17. Addurbusiness

    I go through the post and this sentence “Zentimo describes itself as a “Swiss army knife for your external drive needs” is capable to explain……..

  18. Printing solutions

    On such occasions, USB Safely Remove can identify the offending process and unlock the drive, before safely removing it.

  19. Addurbusiness

    As much as i come to know,Zentimo is best tool for USB Safely Remove. Is it capable to protect system from coming harms….

  20. Addurbusiness

    Here i wanna to say that if you use USB, you should keep updated anti various. By doing so you can save your system from any coming harm via net various.

  21. iPhone 5

    i want to say something if you want to prevent your pc from virus put your antivirus updated and scan your usb sticks before attaching with pc……….

  22. Piyush

    Zentimo seems to be a good software and pretty interesting. Thanks for sharing the download link. My drives have been destroyed due to this issue many a times. I hope it gets secure by this.

  23. iPhone 5

    zentimo sounds interesting to me. i guess it will help to save my external drives…

  24. Online business directory

    It’s best to get active anti-virus activate before PC attachment with any application. Really Zentimo is best in use. Thanks for sharing informative post.

  25. Online business directory

    Buddy here is a question to you that Some time I noticed that some hidden file takes place in USB. We neither see them nor delete. in this type situation what’s the best solution?

  26. Online business directory

    Work on net connectivity without anti virus activations may be harmful for system.

  27. Dodge Neon SRT4

    It looks like very interesting program. It really looks like great software.

  28. Tampa Web Design

    It is a good and very useful tool as it shows the lots of details and the activities of the external drives. The user can easily insert or remove the external drives with the help of this application.

  29. Dodge Neon SRT4

    I have tried this one, this is very nice.

    1. p90x

      Glad to hear it works good. I will check it out for sure, it’s a fair price too.

      – Robert

  30. p90x

    Zentimo looks like a fantastic way to manage your drives. I hope to enter the next giveaway.

    – Robert

  31. iPhone 5

    I am currently using Zentimo, Its really helpful. And the speed of my drives have been improved by this.

  32. Komodo Dragon

    Zentimo is really quite handy and efficient. I have been using it for awhile now.

  33. Computer Virus

    Zentimo is an external drive manager aimed to save time and give more features for an active user of USB\SATA\Firewire storages such as flash-drives, portable drives, card readers and other. Thanks….

  34. search engine optimization usa

    Zentimo is an external drive manager aimed to save time and give more features really..

  35. Sourish @ Iphone 4 Jailbreak

    nice application , you should also try codysafe . They will give you a free copy of the premium version if you review them….. handy tool

  36. Sales enablement

    Wow!Its really a nice software for handling the external drives easily.I need such type, because I’m suffering with non recognition of my pen drive.Most of the time it create such error.
    Gonna implement it soon.Thanks for sharing…..

  37. sell textbooks

    This is an awesome tool, Thanks for the review hopefully I have a chance of winning.

  38. Computer Virus

    So, almost any external USB 2.0 device will transfer data at the same speed. 1TB units are regularly $69, and on sale for $59. You can grab a 2TB for only $99 at newegg, either Hitachi, Seagate, or Iomega. Thanks….

  39. Printing solutions

    My laptop which is an HP Dv6000 Model has windows 7 on it and I’ve been searching all over the net on how to delete windows 7 and reinstall windows xp using the XP recovery partition that was already in my laptop which i never deleted on installing windows 7. Does anyone know how to do this? I know this is dumb that i want to go back to xp but most of the games work on xp and they crash a lot on windows 7. Please Help?

  40. Beaverton churches

    Wow! Zentimo looking a good software that help to handle all external storage drives.I think with the help of it,I can manage multiple external drives simultaneously.It will save my precious time too.Gonna try to download its trial free version.

  41. Printing solutions

    What I always do is unplug my pen-drive from its hub without any steps, but a friend of mine told to me that I shouldn’t do that and remove my pen-drive safely from the system tray. Well, since he does not know the reason i wanted to know what effect it has; does it effect my computer or does it effect my pen-drive?please explain..

  42. KodrutZ

    Really interesting program, great to see that benchmarking feature included. Wouldn’t mind having one licensed version around… 😉

  43. Beaverton churches

    Zentimo is really a great software, whith help of it we can easily manage our huge network of external USB devices.I enjoyed it and fully impressed with its latest features…

  44. Gazz

    looks useful, thanks

  45. find local musicians

    Zentimo is looking great software that makes handling task easy of all the external derives.Like usb sticks and external hard drives.

  46. purchases settlements

    That is pretty cool, I am sad I missed the contest.

  47. Alan Smith

    Zentimo seems cool external device with great features, I will use it.

  48. purchase settlements

    Thanks for the information, I was wondering how this company measured up.

  49. WPCircle

    Nice review of an awesome and useful tool. Thanks for sharing!

  50. chinese android tablets

    That is pretty cool, I am sad I missed the contest.i would like to have a try.