17 responses to “Why YouTube HTML5 Videos Don’t Work in Firefox and Opera”

  1. Jonny

    I can’t understand google going this way unless they are trying to force people into Chrome… I think Mozilla is right in sticking with Open Source.

  2. Shaunak De

    Basically every heavyweight in the industry is trying to throw his/her weight around to leverage the new market. Why cant we go with the wonderful .ogg format?
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  3. Arafat Hossain Piyada

    It’s clear Google trying to get maximum browser market using this trick. Let see what happen next.
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  4. S.Pradeep Kumar

    Oops. Learned something new today. I always used to confuse what’s wrong with FF and Opera.. now I’m clear.. 😀
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  5. Aman

    Remember reading about H.264 vs Ogg debate on Mozilla’s blog a while ago. Its all about corporate grip hold again. But its true if they are going for a standard and its being back by Google i would hope it will be an open standard and not a propriety one. I tried the HTML5 video beta on Youtube , the quality was pretty bad compared to flash.
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  6. Rahul Prasad

    Can’t believe google is doing this.

  7. Mike

    I have written a Greasemonkey script to (ironically) play H264 HTML5 video by replacing the video tag with Flash.

    You can try it on this test page:

    This script serves to show how HTML5 needs to support open codecs not H264, so that we don’t continue to be locked into Flash. Hopefully, Google will open source the recently purchased On2 codecs.

  8. Rohit Sane

    Never knew why this happened! Now I understood thanks..
    I thought that there is some plugin issue, but now I know that it is lack of proper standardization.
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  9. Ashfame

    One question! How will a proprietary codec and implementing a H.264 decoder would cost the browser manufacturers approximately $5 million per year?
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  10. Alonzo

    I pretty much agree with everything you’re saying. But I feel the need to point out that H.264 is an open standard which may or may not have patent encumbrances. That’s different than a proprietary codec like On2 which Google is now going to make open source as well.

  11. Web Design LA

    I was finding the reason why HTML 5 video is not working in my firefox browser. Now I got the reason for it. It is a bit unbelievable that Google can do this to increase users of Chrome.

  12. Fessy

    F#%^ this sh@*,, I will not download Chrome

    Not all videos are not working on FF and Opera.. Most are working fine.. The ones with the older format..

    I will not help Google wine this way.. I’d rather not watch the video !

  13. purchases settlements

    To funny i thought it was an issue with my PC glad to know its just the browser causing the issues.

  14. Bloggingrukman


  15. purchase settlements

    that is annoying that it is doing that, wonder if it is fixed yet

  16. John

    I use Opera. It’s really bad to use proprietary hardware or software.