15 responses to “SpeedBit Video Accelerator – Load Streaming Videos Faster”

  1. The King

    Does it work well with Symantic Antivirus? Does it slow your computers perfomance only with KIS or any other antivirus?

  2. Nothingman

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  3. The King

    I downloaded this yesterday, and started playing videos at night. Usually, I can’t play a video as soon as I go to the page, but this actually worked. And the buffering (the red thing) was far ahead of what I’m actually viewing.

    The only drawback, it only works with a limited amount of video players. If it worked for any video you watched online, it’d be awesome.

  4. RoeJoe

    Video accelerator is great and you should try the new version 2.19. it’s compatible with Vista and all other windows OS systems. The new version also accelerates streaming videos from over 50 sites including veoh, facebook, myspace video, espn and loads loads more!!!
    you can download video accelerator from:
    The new 2.2 Beta is now also out which is in test stage. You can download this from the speedbit site also on: http://www.speedbit.com/video_accelerator/beta.asp

  5. Porter

    thanks for that! I just downloaded it and have no problems with firefor or IE either. Their new version also works on youtube videos again which is really good news, and i tried it, and it works perfectly with youtube. Thanks SpeedbIt!

  6. lanny

    Hi. I have been trying to get Opera to work with speedbit video accelerator;
    do you have any suggestions?

  7. wayne

    ya i downloaded it but it wont work with my vista. if someone could explain either how to fix it or how to find a version that works it would be appreciated

  8. Priyantha

    Same with me . Not working with Vista. But OK with XP.

  9. Mary

    Hi, i have a problem trying to run the speedbit with my kaspersky internet security 7.0, i already did abour the firewall but still nothing, i shut down the kaspersky and run the speedbit and it work so what can i do please somebody help =(

  10. Hey

    hi, my SBVA did not work, it only loads half the video and never played the rest!
    it’s really annoyin’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! T-T

  11. rahul

    my college has block all these things i am using dap it is working properly but this video accelerator is not working
    plz suggest

  12. dave

    @ rahul go do a stand over of your netword admin.

    I used SpeedBit Video Accelerator found it acted very much like adware, sending my personal data to their servers. It would stay connected to their servers when i wasn’t using it, ie in-game. So now i use bywifi google it. Its alot smaller then SB but it works better and can cache locked FLVs because it caches it differently. Just check C:/bywifi/ every now and then else your HD will be eaten up by alot of small flv ad streams…. annoying.

  13. agnivesh

    i m using kaspersky internet security 2010 and i ve approved it in firewall but it still says “approve the firewall to finish installation” please help me