4 responses to “Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Case Review”

  1. Free iPhone 4 Case and Screen Protector

    […] am currently using a Silicone cover provided by MobileFun for my X10 and as I have mentioned before, they really do supply quality stuff. The good news is that MobileFun has agreed to provide […]

  2. logan

    good review. like my x10. just got it today, very excited. probably my favorite unlocked touch screen phones this year. processor is faster, screen is bigger, the look is amazing i get compliments all day! much better than my old unlocked phones. this puppy is practical, easy to ge around when i surf the net, the apps are fun and the screen is so easy to use, never have to push twice. also the pull out keyboard couldn’t be better. the email and gps are great for my business, they help me get round and keep in touch with my clients. me and my wife love our new unlocked android phones. my daughter loves hers for the facebook and camera, they are fun for her and her friends and keep her busy, and quiet! haha. also the battery life lasts all day so it’s convenient don’t have to charge all the time. got our last couple unlocked cheap phones at gsmallover.com and we love them. 2 thumbs way up

  3. Margart Tomspon

    Well this was nice to read, perhaps I will come back later and peruse more of this stuff!

  4. diamond phone cases

    Every one using standard leather cases. There is no another designer cases on the market??