5 responses to “Review : G!Talk”

  1. Mohammed Muchhala

    Nice review

    but i wud give it 5/10 for something in its first lauch

  2. Pallab

    Updated: Added the Twit.tv instructions to broadcast mp3,podcast etc.

  3. Shahab

    Hmmm….. I will anticipate more features in it .. But its good for a change .. No more bloats .. But atleast there should be some usable features ..
    Anyways .. Nice review .. !

  4. Sriram

    Overall Gtalk is great stuff. Wonder how could they pack a serious voice communication technology in such a small factor. Also as it uses the jabber protocol, we can expect something like cross messaging soon.
    Also, like it being very very light on system resources/memory, instant sign in/sign out.

  5. Alan Smith

    Gtalk is one of the best instant messenger for the conversation through the chatting. It is also the good to send online file and folder within it to different user also. Notification of the new mail will send to the user is also very good thing to know about new mail in gmail.