9 responses to “Review : Vista Start Menu”

  1. Madhur Kapoor

    The utility is great . Have been using it for quite some time now . But the “run” textbox gives me a few problems .

  2. Ashis

    I think It will be helpful when I use vista!

  3. Allen.H

    Very nice review, and nicely outlaid comment system. As for Vista, I think I’ll wait until they expose the bugs in the initial version first.


  4. Aleksey

    Actually, from what I have seen in Vista Beta, there is an option to disable that style of Start menu and go back to the classic one with cascading menus. I believe you can do it by going to the properties of the start button (right click>properties).

  5. Harsh

    I know the new change gets irritative but the search functionality they have now, it is great. I never have to click any menus again, I just type the application’s name there and use the up or down keys to get it started.

    [And oh, please make the subscription by default off? Or atleast place it above the ‘Say it’ button or the preview.] 🙂

  6. H-B

    The Vista Start Menu IS crap. Anyone who thinks it is better than the XP Start Menu besides the Search function (which is not convenient anyway) just thinks so because the new one is a fancy one, not a USEFUL one.
    And Microsoft was really stupid by not giving you the option use choose the XP Start Menu. Instead, the only alternative you have is the mega crappy 9X Start Menu >.<

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