11 responses to “Reliance NetConnect Starts Blocking RapidShare”

  1. U

    Dear Pallab,
    Thanks for your tips. I tried doing that today (23rd Oct. 2010). I am able to see Home Page of http://www.rapidshare.com Bu when I click any of the links including Sign In or Help etc., NOTHING COMES UP. Reliance NetConnect still seems to be BLOCKING rapidshare. com. an you suggest how to unblock it? Thanks & Regards,

  2. Ami

    Thanks for the tips I’ll give it a go

  3. Ansell

    Thank you just what I was looking for thanks for the tips

  4. p90x

    Reliance NetConnect is offered in what areas? Great tips for to work around this. Can be very frustrating when you can’t access something you are accustomed to using.

    – Robert

  5. used tires

    Unfortunately I think in the future more and more blocking is going to occur by the ISPs, its sad but its something that is going to happen 🙁


  6. Krait009

    Thanks for the tip … Its working fine now

  7. kar76


    Great Tip, But i want to know is it safe to use this method to login in mail or like this else.When put login and password by using this method, Can’t anyone see it?

  8. hari

    thanks bro, great tip. i am really grateful to you..

  9. aromal

    Thank you so much dear!! I got it worked! Reliance sucks!!