6 responses to “Post Like A Pirate”

  1. University Update - Firefox - Post Like A Pirate

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  2. The King

    I like the idea but the execution is horrible.

  3. Benedict Herold

    I’m not able to figure out a better reason to use it 🙂

  4. Shahab

    Did th’ police arrest ye for postin’ ’bout band ‘o pirates ? Or did ye get married .. 😀

  5. apurvajk

    If its not going to work fine in the normal internet explorers then what is the use. Though the idea is looking good. People could have a good time using this system, but not of use.

  6. jeff

    Good site I \”Stumbledupon\” it today and gave it a stumble for you.. looking forward to seeing what else you have..later