22 responses to “Opera Mobile 10.1 Beta Released for Android”

  1. Saket

    Cool, Just beats Firefox by a small margin. Updated my build

  2. Jasmine

    Opera Mobile is a great browser.

  3. Web Design LA

    i used this in my cell phone and its really cool. It has many new features and easy navigation.

  4. used tires

    Any idea when it will come out of beta?


    1. p90x

      I was actually wondering the same thing. I can’t wait till this is releases officially.

      – Robert

  5. Printing solutions

    I have installed opera mobile as well as mini. my gprs is also activated. but on installing opera it says “failed to connect internet” or “you do not have an active network connection.” what should i do.Please suggest.

    1. used tires

      @Printing, were you able to fix that?


  6. sell textbooks

    This is great news. I have just purchased my android and I am super excited about checking out everything I can do. I am excited I will be able to use Opera as well. These phones just get better and better.

    1. p90x

      I agree, one day there is nothing they won’t be able to do.

      – Robert

  7. Printing solutions

    Hello! i have a spice dual sim phone and internet is active on my second sim but opera mini works only if gprs is active on sim 1 and i can’t change the sim,it will change all my phones setting.TELL ME HOW TO OPERATE OPERA.

  8. p90x

    Sounds like it could really turn out great. I wonder if there is a lot of errors during operation since it is in beta.

    – Robert

  9. Web Design LA

    Its good but can not beat Firefox at all.

    1. p90x

      I would have to admit I agree, Firefox is my browser of choice.

      – Robert

  10. kadinvesaglik

    I was actually wondering the same thing 😉

  11. Printing solutions

    Opera Mobile I am told is supposed to allow the viewing of Youtube videos on my pocketpc. What do I need to do to accomplish this. So far no luck.How view flash videos (YouTube) with Opera mobile.Thanks

  12. Web Design LA

    It is quite nice one.I have used it,thanks for sharing

  13. purchase settlements

    Just got my android and opera works perfect. Thanks for the share

  14. Web Design LA

    Opera 11 Alpha with extension is out

  15. Alan

    Hope my android will give me more satisfaction by opera, but i don’t have any idea about QR code.Will i face any problem for this ?

  16. Web Design Resource

    Really great browser for mobile device.

  17. Alan Smith

    Opera and android are doing best with each other because I have also this browser in my android and it is best browser for mobile in the comparison of others.

  18. emobile_developer

    I have used Opera browser and gradually i have been shifted to its advanced versions and currently going for opera mini 7 for my android based HTC mobile phone. Really it becomes the great experience of using opera browser and i love its user friendly interaction. And as far as i have heard whenever it comes to mobile browser, Opera comes first on tongue. Thanks.