18 responses to “Opera Mini 5 Unveiled – It Will Blow You Away”

  1. Arnaw

    Don’t want to bug you mate but i know atleast two browsers that have tabbed browsing.

    Firstly, N900 features a mozilla powered browser with tabbed browsing. But even before that, UCWeb, which i claim to be the fastest J2ME browser, has been dishing out tabs for almost over a year. It can easily handle 7 tabs on the slowest of phones.

    As for the other features, N900’s built in browser gives you all those features(password, gestures, visual history)in an extra smoooth package. You should see their video.

    Nothing beats opera Mini 5 in it’s looks though….that’s for sure.

  2. Shaunak De

    Blown Away is an understatement. 🙂

    It is also important to remember, before comparing, that Opera Mini connects through a proxy. Many sites, which encourage not-so-legal mobile content downloads are blocked by our overzealous operators.
    Plus using a proxy also allows Opera Mini to get page rendering right, since it becomes aware of the image dimensions without loading them.

  3. sourojit

    I have worked on both Opera mini and Ucweb, opera mini has a better and clean view, where as sometimes in ucweb i got rendering error.

  4. S.Pradeep Kumar

    I’m a big fan of Opera, especially after the introduction of Opera Unite, glad to experience the opera mini 5 ! 😉 Cheers !

  5. Ujjwal

    I used UCWeb but i didn’t like its interface neither the rendering was good. In spite of web-pages coming from proxy and inhibition of some content i am pretty much contented with the way Opera Mini is performing.
    Another point is Mini being light weight. I have HTC P3400i and have tried both Opera Mobile and Skyfire. Both work pretty fine but the moment i open another tab, Memory low was the warning, but not in Mini.
    I contend that opera has indeed brought out a fine piece.

    read more @ http://rahulprasad.com/blog/opera-mini-5-0-beta-released/

  6. Sourish Nath

    opera mobile needs to be free aswell.Its gud.came preinstalled in my N72.

  7. Sourish Nath

    I need to install opera mini as soon as possible. 🙂
    .-= Sourish Nath´s last blog ..Opera Launches new mobile browser Opera Mini 5 =-.

  8. SMS

    I have been using opera mini from years i love it just try it and you guys will love it too

  9. Ashfame

    I miss my Opera Mini days when I used to read my feeds in lecturers.
    Don’t have a data plan on my cell anymore. BTW I don’t read feeds anymore. I am all into development these days.
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  10. Ashfame

    Getting the hang of PHP
    I am developing CMS based sites by using WordPress and some plugins for WordPress and bbPress
    .-= Ashfame´s last blog ..Fix bb_attachments plugin of bbPress =-.

  11. rody @ Satellite Internet

    Opera mini is a good browser when we use mobile phone for browsing. I have use mini opera when I am browsing from my mobile as compared with the default browser given in the mobile I would definitely go for opera mini. I like mini opera because it’s very fast and moreover it gives features of pointer which can move like we are using mouse. Opera in system is not so good as compared with Firefox. So in system I would like to go for Firefox and in mobile mini opera.

  12. Basil

    i feel that UCWEB is faster and easier to use.
    opera is useful for the people that used to PC browser and cannot get used to the small screen in cell.

  13. Udegbunam Chukwudi

    Can’t wait to purchase the Nokia E63 so I can go back to working with Opera Mini. It’s one of the best. Unfortunately ,my current Nokia 6080 screams “Out Of Memory” each time I try to run it thus I’ve deleted it for good.

  14. english sms

    using it for few years and this is just awesome..i suggest you to use it too
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  15. pathan sms

    nice site . And i agreed with u. Dude thankx new information

  16. Arun

    Well right now it doesn’t much impress me since I can go full screen with Opera and it seems to be a lot quicker at the moment, although once they get this whole thing off the ground it might shoot on past much of the competition. No idea but looks very interesting.