7 responses to “Opera hiding security vulnerabilities ?”

  1. Santosh

    And Indyan, aren’t you a good Opera fan as well?

    I’d say this was shocking, but what would you say about this in a nutshell ?

  2. Sourabh

    Cut them some slack. Opera is not an IE, or for that matter even Firefox. What is their market share? 1%? Everyone tries to manipulate the facts to make them sound good. What matters is they fixed it. If there is a new version, one should take the pains of updating it. I don’t think there has ever been an updated version just for the cosmetic changes or just for the addition of some feature. I am happy with opera the way it is. You cannot ask them to offer everything what Firefox and IE do. Autoupdate, small update patch IMO only look good on paper. 4MB is not something big. If you just have a brief surfing session, use IE or the old version. it doesn’t translate into a suicide. May be risky, but how many times have you been at a receiving end of a bad code which screws your system or put your privacy at risk? I feel Opera is in a class of its own, the users of which seek pleasure from it while using it to surf the web. Everything has some flaws, stop nitpicking. They may have their own reasons for doing what they have done.

  3. xxdesmus

    If I might made a suggestion,

    everything on your blog looks great, but the color for the text in the block quotes is a bit difficult to read because it’s such a light grey on the white background.

    Otherise, you have quite the interesting blog. I especially agree with you regarding Opera’s questionable bug reporting activities…it really makes you wonder what else they aren’t tell you.

  4. BooTCaT

    This is what i have to say , i can feel somehow , opera is not good as it should be ,