8 responses to “Opera Gets A Facelift”

  1. Manan

    hmmm, I will be honest here, I am not a big fan of Opera, but a change is good. Some Opera fans will be happy to see a new theme at the same time I am sure there will be some who will not like the new theme. What ever the case, changing the default once in a while is always good.

  2. Thilak

    Although I’m not a major eye-candy lover. I like this theme when compared with IE8 or FF3

  3. Opera 9.5 Is Here

    […] New Skin : Opera v9.5 features a brand new skin – that makes it the best looking browser (at least on Windows). Its glossy metallic that gives a futuristic look while being easy on eyes. I had covered it over here. […]

  4. Phil

    I’m a long-time Opera user and all I can say is “URGH!”. The new skin is horrible, I really don’t like it. It’s enough to make me consider changing to firefox. It looks especially bad in the panels. Also, the new panel button seems to have replace the ‘click on the left hand side of the screen’ feature. What was wrong with that? I used to love that.

    I don’t really care about the ‘new tab’ or ‘close tab’ icons, as I’ve always used keyboard and mouse gestures for those though.

  5. veso74

    I like old native view! Please! Bring me back old skin! I use Opera since 2003 and i don’t like coloured skins – my WinXP is like 98.

    Please – give me back old skin !!! It’s prerequisite to move on other browser, but… I don’t wand that!

  6. J. Ballin

    Holy lord the new skin is awful. I’m also in the small minority of an-already-tiny-minority of people who really liked Opera’s old middle-click behavior 🙁

    The more it gets like FireFox, the worse it gets. If I wanted FireFox, I’d… you know… download FireFox.