27 responses to “Opera 10 : The Missing Pieces”

  1. Shaunak De

    I totally agree with your 3rd point. Although Dragonfly started as a solid development tool, Opera has failed to develop it significantly.

    Plus, it is loaded as a remote application. So if you do not have a working connection to the net, you cant do any localhost development work! Which is totally absurd.
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  2. Dapxin

    Well done. A truly all encapsulating review. Still, Opera rules 🙂

  3. Aman

    I still cant have new links opening in background pages by holding down control. That is THE one small thing i ask! Also associated with this the keyboard shortcuts menu, why are there so many profiles, which one is in use ?? No clue.
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  4. Gourav Kumar

    I agree with point 6. its high time opera links added synchronisation of saved passwords also. For this reason I have to keep upgrading in the same location even though it was advised that opera’s final release be installed at a location other than the beta installation.

  5. Chinmoy

    Good thing it is finally out. It’ll save me all the blabbering i get from my roommate about what’s new..
    OMG! Isnt’ this his blog!
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  6. Jonny

    This really is a great look at Opera and I shall be downloading the latest version, however every point you list are MAJOR reasons not to use Opera. I really love how Opera pioneers but with the items you list it is no wonder it lags behind other browsers in users. A shame really.
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  7. pppb

    Well, everyone has his own list of missing pieces in Opera. I agree with most of your remarks. I would add:

    – no portable version provided by the dev team. Of course, you can find many portable versions offered by 3rd parties, but why is it not offered by Opera in the 1st place? Besides, upgrading from Opera USB 9.x to 10.00 proved a nightmare.

    – poor feedback from the Opera team to all the suggestions made in the forum. It looks like the dev team does not care much about its users input.

    No wonder Opera’s desktop market share remains so low (still Opera is my favorite browser!)

  8. axel

    To me the major issue is the fact that there is no incremental update. The whole re-install is a weakness and a potential to loose information. No private browsing is also a disappointment. The last thing about Opera is the sluggishness to enhance\better\service old features. Otherwise a great browser. Keep up the good work Opera. And keep innovating please.

  9. [ARB1D3_[00L3R

    Cannot retrieve passwords; power button(js) no longer works.

  10. SxFlare

    No Download Manager… wait, what?
    isn’t there a downloads panel where you can stop and resume downloads, restart and even paste links to download the file from?
    or are you talking about multi-source download managing?
    I’m confused.

    But a lot of the points mentioned are noteworthy: UserJS Manager, JavaScript Rendering Engine, Incremental Update, Unfixed Wand, Official Portable (I only just found out about OperaUSB) and Opera Unite.

    I don’t understand the hype for “Private Browsing”, don’t want to get caught with the wrong porn? Use OperaUSB? I’m not really sure…

    DragonFly looks interesting, I didn’t even know it existed, hahah… I can understand holding development for that, since it has to get a good base to continue that development, or risk breaking everything around it.

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  13. decodedthought

    hey, interesting points out there.
    Just to clarify Opera has private browsing option !
    I agree with points 1,3 and 10 🙂

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  15. decodedthought

    my bad, didn’t realize the article was a year old 😛
    apologies !

  16. Mark

    So Opera have addressed every single excuse here. I bet this Firefox fanboy is still not using Opera 10.6

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