7 responses to “Opera 10.60: Everything Just Got A Bit Better”

  1. WOFall

    Opera put an incredible pace of development into their software; this is only three months after 10.50 reached final, and we have significant improvements throughout the browser. No revolutionary ideas this time, perhaps, but Opera is working hard to ensure it stays the best browser. Being the first stable browser to ship WebM is really something to talk about, and hopefully Chrome will follow shortly.

    And for Linux users like me, this is a massive upgrade from 10.11 😉 Keep it coming Opera.

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  3. Del

    I was so close to ditching it for a bit until they addressed some issues. I have been a hardcore user of it since 97 or so, and even paid for it up until 2005, when it was finally released free of charge.

    However with 10.60 recently released, you can perish the thought of me ditching it.

    Java runs much more smoothly… It’s very noticeable.

    You can check out the benchmarking scores here, or feel free to check other sites.


    The 10.60 changelog.


    Take care…

    – Jason
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  4. Edwin

    All i can say is that Opera ROCKS!!!! 🙂

  5. Rob Accountancy

    Its very good, still not perfect like Firefox though!

  6. Mdwakil

    Fast web good servis

  7. used tires

    Love seeing those benchmark numbers!