24 responses to “One Script to Rule Them All – Download YouTube Videos (HD/SD) in Opera, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer”

  1. aday
    1. chealili


  2. Top Ten Must Have User JavaScript (UserJS) for Opera

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  3. basundhara kundu


  4. Cris

    I’ve downloaded it and it looked well until i tried to download videos from youtube, instead of downloading them it just opens them in a new tab

  5. mohannad

    for chrome users. where is this install button exactly?!

    1. Dance Soldier


      On the Top klick the Green “Install” Button 😉


      i’m using chrome but can’t locate the “install” button referred to in the instructions. can anyone assist?

  6. iE help

    […] you could always download Google Chrome and use this: http://pallab.net/2010/04/26/one…rnet-explorer/ __________________ formerly jackassluver i love u jason, and i always will […]

  7. used tires

    That’s a pretty cool script no doubt about that but right now I am using DownloadHelper, it’s pretty much awesome, can download 99% of flash videos on the internet 😀

    Till then,


  8. Computer Tips Tricks

    Absolutely amazing script! That’s cool and it should help lots of people out there!

  9. konya rent a car

    I use download helper for mozilla. I thınk its the best. You can download every flv, swf, mp4 or the others flash or videos. Its not problem.

  10. e-mail lookup

    @used tires: What settings do you need for Downloadhelper when you want to download mp4 files on firefox? What about other browsers? I think I changed something that the script doesn’t work well…

  11. mike

    do not want to run on latest opera, what should I do,

  12. used tires

    @e-mail lookup, there is no “settings” that you need… all you need is just to install the addon and you are good to go.

    Till then,


  13. Opera 11 Extensions: Quick Preview

    […] I found useful:i) Fastest Tube – YouTube Downloader: This extension is very similar to the “Download YouTube Videos as MP4” script for Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Safari. It simply adds a download button to YouTube video […]

  14. MG

    it works on Chrome…………………Thanks a lot.

    1. Andrew

      where the hell is the download link??? I do not see it anywhere. I am using chrome.

  15. johnny


  16. SS

    I have Opera and I simply don’t understand these instructions:

    Open this page. This should display your default User JavaScript folder. If no directory is specified i.e. the field is blank, chose any folder on your computer as the userjs folder.
    Save the UserScript (click on ‘Install’ to open it) into the previously selected folder and restart Opera.

    i Checked my user javascript folder. it was blank.
    I clicked on ‘install’ and a bunch of ‘computer language'(jibberish to me) appeared. I had no idea how to save that into the random folder i had just created (i created a random folder on my computer. is that right?) I tried to read the instructions to install userjs files but it kept going to an error screen.

    Lil help? I won’t be able to understand technical computer language, so please dumb it down. Thanks a lot!

  17. sell textbooks

    I never realized there was an issue with this but I don’t download much off the web anyway.

  18. nicholas

    where abouts on the page is the download link

  19. Gatsy

    Great hammer of Thor, that is powerfully heulpfl!