17 responses to “Neuview Media Player – Breathtaking Quality”

  1. Sree

    Good review. Gotta try it then…

  2. Siddharth

    great review dude 😀
    but just one thing that lacks
    you shud have compared the quality results in some good media players like Real player bcoz the quality of VLC is not really good

  3. Rajbir Singh

    Nice review. Gonna download it!

  4. ameo

    i agree with Siddharth .
    the only thing i care for is quality I’ll try the shareware to know if it really worth the 13$ for it or not , i have GOM and BSplayer . i think I’ll be able to compare it with both ..

    good review

  5. Madhur Kapoor

    The video enhancements look nice. Going to try it

  6. rotlo

    I enjoy using Media player classic and the different ffdshow filters availible for upscale and deblocking etc. Google CCCP for it.

    But that said, this player seems interesting.

  7. Dissertation Help

    This actually is great

  8. Mel14

    i need help :(. there’s something wrong with my neuview player. when i try to open .avi files it says: “An error has occurred in Neuview. Neuview will now reload.” i dont know how to fix this. i ‘ve tried. re-installing it but still. it plays other files like .mp4 and .3gp. but not .avi ( it used to play them )

  9. Ioan Filip

    I need help to connect with the Romanian programs. Thank you, Ioan

  10. Movie Freax

    Speaking of kmplayer, there is a comparsion written about vlc vs kmplayer!
    .-= Movie Freax´s last blog ..vlc vs kmplayer =-.

  11. Daum PotPlayer: The New Champion of Video Players | Pallab dot Net

    […] really good video players in the market. In the past I have reviewed a few of them like SPlayer and Neuview Media Player. VLC and MPC-HC (Media Player Classic Home Cinema) are probably the most popular media players […]

  12. s1

    “you need to add external subtitles” – are you stupid or something? Subs usually are external. Internal subs would be pointless as you never know what coutry the watcher is from.

  13. make

    this player makes movies with half decent quality (480+) look horrid!
    not worth a cent. cccp ftw!

    1. vaffangool

      @ make:

      The screen caps above (in 480 and 720) do not look horrid. The software adapts to your system–MMX, Streaming SIMD Extensions, maybe CUDA and DXVA–so your mileage will vary.

      Any sharpness adjustment can introduce ghosting if applied to excess. The interface includes a slider that makes it easy to eliminate such artifacts.

      I have often found CCCP’s Insurgent utility to be quite helpful, but your juvenile dependence upon their codec pack indicates that you are not competent to judge the value of video processing algorithms.