6 responses to “Mozilla Firefox Persona Makes Skinning Simple”

  1. Attorney-Optimization.com

    I just recently downloaded Firefox, and I got the persona’s downloaded and when i pick one, it is on my internet top and bottom, but not on my toolbar and start menu at the bottom, how do i get the theme on my start menu and toolbar to change to the persona theme that i have on my internet?

  2. Underfloor Heating

    Your start menu / toolbar is part of windows. And the theme you got is for firefox. They are two totally seperate things. If you want to theme windows XP/Vista, use windowblinds.

  3. Mel

    I installed this add-on in Firefox. And I couldn’t get it working. I selected several theme from the gallery and still it doesn’t show up on my firefox browser. What should i do? My OS is Windows 2000. Pls help.

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  4. Emily.

    Yeah, I downloaded this, made a persona for myself and everything, but when I close firefox, and then open it again, guess what! I need to go onto the website and re-select my persona. It’s really annoying, and I’m thinking of just giving up on this. Is there a way to make it stay, PERMANENTLY?