29 responses to “More Spock Invites”

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    […] 21 Jun, 2007  Web 2.0 Invites for Spock Available Here […]

  2. lance

    I’m curious. I’ll snag one.


  3. Jeffro2pt0

    I too reviewed Spock and as it turns out, my invite count has gone from 3 to 103. I suppose if your site is listed on the BUZZ section of their blog, your account receives 100 more invites 🙂

  4. Danny Burleson

    Sounds cool! Send an invite my way. Thanks!

  5. Vijay

    I got one sometime ago from shankar ganesh, but I am yet to try it out in a serious manner

  6. Rohan Prabhu

    i don’t expect you to miss me out of this…

  7. Sriram Govindarajan

    Send me an invite man..thx…

  8. Diogenes

    Interesting. Please send me too. Thanks.

  9. Piyush

    Hi Pallab,
    Can I please have a spock invite. Thanks.

  10. Pieter van Gils

    Hi Pallab, can I also get an invite to Spock? Interesting review you wrote!


  11. Aniruddhan

    I would appreciate a Spock invite. Thanks

  12. David Jenkins

    I would appresciate an invite


  13. rafael trabasso

    hey, nice
    i want an invite… :]

  14. Stan Smyla

    I would love an invite!

  15. Joao Silva Maria

    I would like one of those invites, please.

  16. Hari

    Can you send me a invitation

  17. Jon Burrows

    I’d love to try Spock, Could you send me an invitation please

  18. Shrikant

    Sounds interesting, sign me up as well! Or rather, help me sign up 😀

  19. Karen

    I would like to try spock as I’m trying to find my sisters Father she’s not seen in over 30 years if you have any invites left i’d like to try it.

    Thank you,

  20. Karen

    Hi, I heard about spock when I was browsing trying to find legitimate sites to locate people that wouldn’t expect you to sign up for services you may only use once in order to get the results. I’m hoping Spock is the one I’m looking for.


  21. marci

    i would like a spock invite. I am always using people search engines.

    1. Bev Clark

      Often use people search engines, but have yet to find one that meets my requirements, so I would love an invite.