8 responses to “Microsoft to Buy Yahoo!”

  1. Techie Buzz

    The WSJ has confirmed that the talks are not going on but it definitely will be a great combination when they take on google together rather than going on alone

  2. Ken

    Nice writeup and ideas on this one. Now we’ll just be left to speculate as to why it didn’t happen. Microsoft’s going to have to make some sort of move to get into the ad money, and I wouldn’t be too surprised to see them use some of their own seed money to start something.

  3. TheAnand

    This cannot happen…..i hate yahoo being takn over…if MS wants to succeed, it shud make yahoo a good deal and attack google, if thats the aim, buying out yahoo, will only result in problems as you said, logistically, and the basic mission is also different…good that the aim fell through…btw, you shud fix that last line! 😛

    Update : Wallstreet Journal is reporting that the takeover is now happening. (via TechCrunch)

  4. TheAnand

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  5. Mohammed

    Now, since the talks are off but, talks of co-operation are on, lets see wat happens.

    Well, lets just say MS does takeover Yahoo, then Yahoo! would have to exist as a seperate entity and MSN being integrated with MSN, intead of Yahoo! with MSN!!!

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