10 responses to “Last.fm Beta – My Impressions”

  1. Manan

    Ah! This looks good, simpler & elegant, a lot less cluterred.

  2. ameo

    i’ve been a fan of it for some time but now i only listen to locally stored music on my HD some sort of bandwidth saving 😀

  3. Goobi

    I’ve always wondered whether or not to sign up for this last.fm thing. I just might…

  4. Lavayn

    i love last.fm ive been useing it for months now (http://www.last.fm/user/lavayn/) i had no idea they were even changeing the interface around. The best part is probably the tabbed charts that saves so much space 🙂

  5. Sree

    Yeah goobi, it surely helps a lot. I’ve liked so many of the recommended music.

    @ Pally, when the hell is it gonna come out of beta man?

  6. cewood

    I think the redesign looks fine, its cleaned up the interface reducing clutter and simplifying things somewhat… although this is purely aesthetics based as I am not on the beta list atm 🙁

    Anyone know how I can get on it?

  7. al

    it is a nice web site it learns me a lot.

  8. Asif

    Nice, We both have same heading for our blogs. Check it out.

  9. Ron

    I know they put a tremendous amount of effort into the design. Who is last.fm’s main competitors besides pandora and even your youtube-like video sites?? Look at this for tips to build a business from scratch.. http://www.readtheanswer.com/index.php?RTA=web2