6 responses to “Is It a Virus ?”

  1. Shankar Ganesh

    Hey! That’s a great service. Thanks for informing!

  2. Nirmal

    This is a great service. Thanks for the post. Viruses are always a threat.

  3. Vijay

    I guess it is OK to wait for sometime if the service is of good quality. The defs are updated frequently as well, so that is an advantage

  4. Brian

    Check out http://www.threatfire.com. They have a great program to pick up the slack that your regular AntiVirus misses. 🙂

  5. Dilbert

    As an alternative. You can use a virtual machine, VMware or Qemu and run a copy of Windows from there which you can run all kinds of software that won’t touch your physical machine , or use Altiris SVS and Sandboxie which virtualize software, making it possible to install software without registry hell or clutter. Or You can use Returnil where you can revert actual changes to your hard drive upon a restart. Or if you have an old box you can use that as a “test” machine.