11 responses to “HWMonitor – The All In One Temperature Monitor”

  1. Shaunak De

    This is one app I use a lot.
    I really like it for its portability. You can run it off a pen drive. No installation needed!

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  2. Attorney Optimization

    I’m looking for the cheapest way to monitor the temperature. I would like to have readings every 5 minutes, if not more often. This project is of little real importance so I don’t wish to spend any more money than I have to on materials. I can handle the VB6 code as long as I have some way to poll the sensor, either straight from the sensor or from an Access database or text file that the sensor can log the data into.

  3. Nihar

    I have used this software before. Its very good software…

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  4. Gagan

    a very useful tool.

    last week my processor was making some noise and when I checked it, heat sink paste was dry dute to over heating.. Quite useful tool for me alteast 🙂

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  5. Atul

    will give this tool a try

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  6. sham

    Speed fan also is a nice one..

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  7. Underfloor Heating

    Heart rate rises about 10 beats for every degree rise of body temperature. That does’nt mean that you can monitor body temperature by measuring the heart rate. This is because there are many other causes for a change in heart rate. Simple anxiety can cause a rise in pulse rate without any significant rise in body temperature.

  8. Attorney Optimization

    What about for dogs? Can you monitor their body temperature by monitoring their pulse/heart rate?

  9. djrjerej